Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Feature-Beaded Beads

On a roll, I am!!! To borrow just a bit from Yoda...

Well, this Friday Feature is about one of my favorite seed bead items...beaded beads. Now, you would think that since I love them so much, and I'm a seed beader, that I make a lot of them, right? Sadly, no.
I want to, I really do!!! But those little babies are not quite as easy as they seem. If you are beading around an object, usually a wooden ball, you will need to perform decreases. Which need to look nice. Umm, yeah.
If you are making a self supporting bead, then you need to be really good at seeing in 3D, and at right angle weave. Yeah, well, let's move on, shall we??
Now, since I've discovered CRAW, I've had a lot of fun creating beaded structures, which I guess you could call beaded beads...sorta. I'll show you a few, and you can tell me.

 Pretty versatile stitch, isn't it?
Here's some other beaded beads I've made, that aren't technically, they may not count...but it's my post, so I'm gonna show you anyway. :) Cause I'm  nice like that. Your welcome.
 This beauty is a free tutorial from the awesome Smader Grossman.

You can create these from instructions in Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork. As well as this beautiful Celtic Trefoil.

This fun little guy is called a Pumpkin Bead, and from Beaded Beads, edited by Jean Campbell.

This cool guy is  a cellini spiral bead. I used hematite drops as the biggest bead in the spiral.

 Here are a couple more bead shapes from Diane's book. Can you tell I love that book?

I am a work in progress, if nothing else! So, I thought I'd share some great beaded bead tutorials with you, so you can catch the bug too.
I'd love to know if you are good at making them, or if you are like me, a work in progress, or if you've never even thought about them.
I made you a little Etsy treasury, and a few links for some cool sites. Feel free to share your own favorites!

'Beautiful Beaded Beads' by lsmoore

Seed Bead Components and tutorials for creating seed bead beauties.

Instructions for Crown Beade...

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Tutorial for Opulent Beaded ...

Blooming Beads - Volume One ...

Beaded Box Pendant Beading T...

INSTRUCTIONS -- Kalata -- PD...

Beaded Bead Earrings - geome...

Tutorial for Pillow Beads

Now, do your part, and leave me pat on the back for doing good, k?
Blessings, Shirley


  1. **HEARTY PAT ON THE BACK *** This is a wonderful post Shirley - full of amazing resources, and full of feelings all us sead beaders can relate to ("supposed to look nice, umm yeah!" LOL - been there!!) all your beaded beads look fantastic!

  2. Shirley that settles it, I'm turning my snowflakes into earrings. I had been thinking along those lines anyway and this settles it. I think these are stunning.

  3. I'd say you did WAY GOOD, Shirley! These are all wonderful!

  4. I've never done anything that elaborate yet (yes, I plan to one day), but that celtic trefoil is just magnificent!!! (Snowflake inspiration!!!)

  5. You're doing awesome and beautiful work, Shirley. You deserve the pat on the back. No kidding! This was a gerat post!


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