Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's AJE Reveal Day...and it's a stunner!

I know, I know, it's not polite to brag on yourself....but seriously, I'm just rather impressed at where this piece took me!
If you are not familiar with AJE, you are in for a treat. It's a blog of super talented folks, and each month they create a piece from a component one of them created. They are also nice enough to have a few folks join in each month as well. I've been very privileged to participate in the past.
This month the component is created by the fabulous Kristi Bowman. What that woman can do with clay is awesome!

I grabbed this image from the AJE site. Mine piece is the bottom row, on the right.  I just adore the warm, coppery tones in it.
There is also a hint of purple, so that pretty much set the color choices for me.
However.....I hit a major hiccup in my process.
See, there was this gorgeous sexy, double St. Pete in Beadwork a few months ago that I just knew would marry so well with the pendant. I started it with plenty of time to spare...colors were awesome...I knew it would work, even with the modifications I was making to the pattern. But, confidence is great to trip you up at times. I made a major uh-oh in my beadweaving. So, I had to decide very quickly whether I would Ripppit, Ripppit, or start something totally new.

I'm crazy, so I decided to start something completely new. Fingers flying, brain sizzling with ideas, I tried some things I've not tried before; and, well, I love it! I hope you do as well...

I chose some luscious purples, blues, coppers, and metallics to show off the pendant's rich patina.

The chain is a mix of triple spiral, seen here, along with some new peyote beaded beads as well.

Obviously, I need to learn how to photo the entire length of a longer necklace...sigh.

Closeup of the beaded beads I stumbled upon. I'm not going to be prideful enough to say, 'I created'. However, I do love the look, and they are very tactile. The wavy strands move freely upon the bead.

Lampwork toggle from The Beading Room. The soft mottled colors work perfectly with the overall palette.

I was so excited to finally get to use these fabulous disc beads by Lea Avroch. They show off the peyote beaded beads perfectly.

 Look how everyone plays so well together!!

I've used this RAW variation several times. I love how easy it is, and the silver lined beads meander like a stream through the matte beads.

So, were you wondering what happened with the original design? Well, I went ahead and took a pic of it for ya, cause I'm nice like that....

See how pretty and feminine? And the pattern was for a double layer St. Pete, so these oranges would have been peeking out through the purples.

You can wear it with the fringes inside our outside. I hope I decide to finish it. But, you just never know....
Thanks for hangin' with me through all those pics. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Kristi's components, and thrilled to create for AJE.
You can check out everyone's work from the links over at AJE
Blessings, Shirley


  1. As always the perfection an intricacy of you beading astounds me Shirley...you've created a stunning design to set of Kristi's pendant - just beautiful.

  2. I love all of Kristi's components - and this one looks fabulous with your weaving! I especially like the addition of the lampwork discs - very pretty! I HATE photographing necklaces "in their entirety", too! :)

  3. Gorgeous piece Shirley. The colors are spectacular and the rope you beaded is just spectacular. I love where you were going with the St Pete rope - would love to see it finished.

  4. Wow Shirley, that rope is amazing!!!! I've dabbled in that sort of thing and know it's so much work. It looks great with my component! Thank you so much for joining us this month!

  5. What a strong, beautiful, everything-is-just-right, supportive chain you created to show off the gorgeous pendant! WOW~ the colors are perfect for the pendant. You really outdid yourself here, Shirley!

  6. I just cannot wrap my head around seed beads like that! So beautiful, both chains, and would work equally well with the pretty primitive pendant! Enjoy the day. Erin

  7. It is a stunner! and you should be bragging on your beautiful work. Your bead selections and design choices are perfect with the focal you received :)

  8. If I could use seed beads like that, I'd be shouting from the rooftops, it's perfect! Love the colours and the streak of silver running through.

  9. Shirley, what gorgeous colors! You really put loads of work into these...I love them!

  10. Awesome job, Shirley! I like the original, but what you ended up with is really great! The purple goes great with the focal! Thanks for playing along this month!

  11. This necklace is so wonderful! I love your beadwork, the clasp is fabulous and the disc beads just all lead right to Kristi's fabulous pendant. It's like everything just found its perfect companion!

  12. Fabulous necklace Shirley. You deserve to brag with a design so beautiful. The beaded beads give it good texture and the discs accent it perfectly. I think you should finish the St. Pete's too. It has great color and would work with a different focal too.

  13. Whoa. Too cool! The matte beads are heavenly, and I like the gloss peaking out. My mind is boggled with the bead weaving but my eyes are eating it up!

  14. Ditto to what everyone else has said so far. This is an amazing piece! Everything about it is perfect.....design, bead choice, colour selection and your craftmanship above all ! Beautiful, Shirley

  15. Gorgeous design, Shirley!! You always amaze me.

  16. Really cool design! I'll never be able to figure out bead weaving but I'm always so impressed with what you can do! Love the purples with the copper too.

  17. This is gorgeous in every way. I love the bead work and the different textures and contrasting beads. You have every right to be proud of this!

  18. The color tones with this are simply amazing! what a fantastic idea to use that deep beautiful blue with the brassy pendant - it totally pops! and the beading is think and luscious! I just LOVE it! those beaded beads are wonderful - I have to try that! is that tubular peyote?

    1. Yep, just make some peyote tubes with strands of seed beads from top to bottom. :)

  19. So stunning! Your beads are awesome and everything works so beautifully with the pendant! Way to go girl!


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