Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Greatest Teachers

As a Christian, today is a day of great celebration for me. I know that there may be some of you that are not Christians. And that's ok, because that's not why you follow my blog. You chose to follow me because I've said or done something that caught your attention.  Christ was a master at catching peoples' attention.  He taught through parables, and always with love in his heart.
My beading journey has been one of gratefulness for the teachers in this niche of the world.  So, today, I wanted to celebrate some of the teachers of of jewelry design.  Maybe you will find someone new to enjoy.
Since this just hit my brain this morning, it's a quickly written list. Feel free to add your own inspirational people in the comments.
Nancy Dale- NedBeads
Callie Mitchell-Peregrine Beader
Linda Roberts- BeadsForever
Sabine Lippert- TrytoBead
Robi Sorry, no pics of this one, they don't allow copying of their images.
Linda Lehman-WearableArtEmporium
Heather Collin-Studio183
CarolDean Sharpe-SandFibers
MaryLou Holvenstot-Time2Cre8
DebbieVan Tonder-Debger Designs

Have a Blessed Easter! Shirley


  1. Hi Shirley,
    I know some of these teachers of needle, thread, and beads and will be checking out the others. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. Beautiful! I love your inspirational thoughts. It is so good to read things like this when in our media and stuff it is so lacking!

  3. Wishes for a joyful Easter Sunday to you and your family, Shirley! And thank you for including me in this list of teachers; I'm very humbled to be numbered in a roster of such talent! Like you, I'm grateful for the teachers and friends I've encountered in my own beading journey - and you are certainly among them!

  4. Shirley, I'm so honored to have been included in this wonderful group of beaders. Thank you! It's also an honor to celebrate and love Jesus with you. Many blessings!

  5. A blessed Easter to you too, Shirley.
    xxBeady Hugsxxx

  6. Thanks for including me in such a prodigious list!!!! Great works all of them!!!

  7. What a nice post--honoring your teachers.

  8. Paula Adams! Robi Lynn is her sister. Paula's ornaments and other patterns are amazing!

  9. What a great perspective, Shirley! Happy Easter.

  10. Well said and shown my friend


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