Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Fest!!!!

Hi all! I know, you're about to fall over in shock, aren't you? I can't believe it either. I have posted for the last 4 days! What fun!! (Actually, I'm a bit exhausted) But, anyhoo, I'm here today to celebrate OctoberFest with the fabulous Ms. Rita from  Jewelry School Friends.
We are showing off Fall in all its glory. I played around with Picasa yesterday, to create a collage for you of some of my favorite things that remind me of Fall. A lot of them are my jewelry pieces, but some are much loved pieces of my life.

Now, you will have to cut me some slack, because this was my first time playing with Picasa. I don't have a clue as to how to shade in the background, so that the awful white isn't showing. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. :)
October seems to signal a beginning of a serious Food Fest as well. Going to the state fair, eating corn dogs and funnel cakes, then comes Thanksgiving, with turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings. And before you know it, Christmas is here, with rushing around to visit, calling friends, watching football, and EATING.  I started a new tradition at my house a few years ago, and everyone loves it, especially me! I bake and cook several of our favorite snack goodies, and on Christmas Day, you can eat anything you want, anytime you want! Winner, winner for me!!
Now, before you head off to visit all the other great folks participating in this OctoberFest, I just had to share a few recipes with you. So, you too can have a fun filled holiday season! :)

Orange Balls
Sausage Balls
Roasted Garlic Bread

The fantastic list of participants!!!

Host Toltec Jewels
Heather Otto
Mischelle Fanucchi
http://www.micheladasmusings.blogspot.comMarlene Cupo http://amazingdesigns-marlene.blogspot.comShaiha Williams ;
Shelly Graham Turner ;
Shelly Joyce
Charlie Jacka Sears
Margareta Saari
Marita Suominen
Lisa Posthumus
Jeannie Dukic
Cheri Reed
Arlene Dean
Duffy Blevins
Susan Kennedy
Dita Basu
Sonya Ann Stille
Audrey Allen
Kashmira Patel
Kathy Lindemer
Kris Mattingly
Lennis Carrier
Shannon Hicks
Paula Hisel
Karin Slaton
Shirley Moore     You are here!
Alicia Marinache
Valeria G. Rome
Zoe Marcin
Kimberly Booth
Sherri Stokey
Tanya McGuire ;
Debbie Rasmussen
Christine Stonefield
Tanty Sri Hartanti McGriff
Evelyn Shelby

Colene Waltermire
Lee Nova

Blessings, Shirley

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bead Packet Design Challenge

Hi all! I'm so excited to be revealing my pieces for this challenge! A quick recap, Sharyl McMillian-Nelson, from Sharyls Jewelry & Reflections, posted her second Bead Packet Design Challenge a few weeks ago.
This packet was inspired by beautiful ceramic beads by Natalie Pappas. I'm just going to copy Sharyl's pic from the challenge post.

I was thrilled when I received the packet, the beads are just gorgeous. I've had a love affair with CRAW lately, which is very obvious from my last few pieces. But up to this point, I had stuck to the standard, four bead CRAW. Heather Collin very generously created a free tutorial generated from a question I asked of her. In the tutorial, she mentioned a six bead CRAW. What?? How exactly does that work? It kept stewing in my head, and when the bead packet arrived, it burst forth and said, "Me, Me, Me! I would look great with those beads!"
So, I said yes. And I am happy to say, I love the way it turned out! It is definitely a stitch I will be using again.
The lovely purpley red matte 8's provided a perfect backdrop for the soft green of Natalie's ceramic bead.

I embellished the rope with 15's in a coordinating green.

Both the toggle bar and the clasp loop are also in CRAW, but it was in a 4 bead, rather than 6 bead.

I embellished one "side" of the loop with the 15's and 11's that were used in the rope.
I used that beautiful pink spiral focal for a necklace. The technique I used is one I haven't visited for quite a while....triple spiral!! And I seem to keep making unexpected color choices. Wanna see?

Not only did I choose matte black and amber to show off that gorgeous coral of her bead, but I chose an antique white for the core beads, to coordinate with the gemstones that came with the packet. I'm absolutely aweful with names, so I don't remember what kind they are. (insert embarrassed blush)

I used tiny 2 mm black pearls on either side of the focal bead.

I ran out of time to get my clasp attached, because I really wanted to get the pics in the good light! I decided on a simple toggle bar and peyote circle, using the same beads from the rope, so the color continues to flow throughout the piece. I'm so very happy with the way both pieces turned out, and  very thankful to Sharyl and Natalie for the challenge!
Please go visit the rest of the participants to see more lovelies!

--1. Kashmira Patel  (Sudafulee... Always in Bloom)
--2. Sonia Smith (posting on my blog)
--3. Alicia  (All the Pretty Things) 
Cheri  (Creative Designs by Cheri) 
--7 Alice Craddick  (Alice's Beads and Baubles)
--8. Cilla (Tell Your Girlfriends) 
--9. Whimsical Monkey  (Whimsical Monkey)  
--10. KayzKreationz  (KayzKreationz) 
--11. Jean A. Wells  (Jean A. Wells Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Feature-Beaded Beads

On a roll, I am!!! To borrow just a bit from Yoda...

Well, this Friday Feature is about one of my favorite seed bead items...beaded beads. Now, you would think that since I love them so much, and I'm a seed beader, that I make a lot of them, right? Sadly, no.
I want to, I really do!!! But those little babies are not quite as easy as they seem. If you are beading around an object, usually a wooden ball, you will need to perform decreases. Which need to look nice. Umm, yeah.
If you are making a self supporting bead, then you need to be really good at seeing in 3D, and at right angle weave. Yeah, well, let's move on, shall we??
Now, since I've discovered CRAW, I've had a lot of fun creating beaded structures, which I guess you could call beaded beads...sorta. I'll show you a few, and you can tell me.

 Pretty versatile stitch, isn't it?
Here's some other beaded beads I've made, that aren't technically, they may not count...but it's my post, so I'm gonna show you anyway. :) Cause I'm  nice like that. Your welcome.
 This beauty is a free tutorial from the awesome Smader Grossman.

You can create these from instructions in Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork. As well as this beautiful Celtic Trefoil.

This fun little guy is called a Pumpkin Bead, and from Beaded Beads, edited by Jean Campbell.

This cool guy is  a cellini spiral bead. I used hematite drops as the biggest bead in the spiral.

 Here are a couple more bead shapes from Diane's book. Can you tell I love that book?

I am a work in progress, if nothing else! So, I thought I'd share some great beaded bead tutorials with you, so you can catch the bug too.
I'd love to know if you are good at making them, or if you are like me, a work in progress, or if you've never even thought about them.
I made you a little Etsy treasury, and a few links for some cool sites. Feel free to share your own favorites!

'Beautiful Beaded Beads' by lsmoore

Seed Bead Components and tutorials for creating seed bead beauties.

Instructions for Crown Beade...

Reversible Beaded Beads - ma...

Tutorial for Opulent Beaded ...

Blooming Beads - Volume One ...

Beaded Box Pendant Beading T...

INSTRUCTIONS -- Kalata -- PD...

Beaded Bead Earrings - geome...

Tutorial for Pillow Beads

Now, do your part, and leave me pat on the back for doing good, k?
Blessings, Shirley

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Time to Stitch

Sorry everyone, blogger refused to post, even though I had this scheduled. :(

Hi all! It's a Time to Stitch!!! The two lovely originators of this idea are Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller. I participated in their first Hop, you can see the results of that challenge here. That challenge the stitches were peyote and herringbone. This time we got to explore right angle weave, and St. Petersburg.
Both of these are lovely stitches, and RAW lends itself wonderfully to embellishment.  I was fortunate enough to win Stitch Workshop-Right Angle Weave last year, and it has many wonderful projects in it. There was one in there that captured my attention every time I opened the book. It's not a complicated design, and works up very quickly.
 A friend asked me to make bracelets for her daughters, so I thought this pattern worked perfectly.

I love the 'button' closure on these.

These colors are a bit unexpected together, but I love the way they work. Amber, lavender, pink and gold.

I have to say, the fun colors in this one really grab me. I think they show off the pattern perfectly.

Come back on Saturday to see a really cool variation of RAW----CRAW!!

The next stitch was St. Petersburg. I love this stitch, but it does frustrate me a bit, since it's very hard for me to maintain tight tension in it. If you use 11's and 15's, it  gives a very soft, feminine look.  I chose to use size 8's for the bracelet, because I fell in love with the beads when I received them from Red Panda Beads. I had some silver lined garnet beads that went perfectly with the matte AB beads from Red Panda.
Isn't it beautiful?  Not tooting my own horn at all, this is such a pretty stitch. I used a coordinating frosted pink AB size 6 along the top of the band to give it a bit more presence, and to tighten it up some.

This is a double St. Petersburg, and I stitched the first side with the silverlined garnet as the main bead, and the matte as the accent bead. Then I switched for the other side, using the matte beads as the main, and the sl garnet as the accent. I love how it turned out. The only thing I would caution is that it will shrink just a bit if you add the top beads. 
Ok, that's enough of my eye candy, go check out the other participants! 
Huge thank you's to Therese and Christine!!!!
Blessings, Shirley
Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller Our wonderful Hostesses!!

Nikki Byers

Kristen Stevens

Shirley Moore You are here!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Feature

You didn't think I could do it, did you? Yep, this is my SECOND Friday Feature!! Go Me!!!
Ok, you get to give some serious input here.

A couple of beading buddies were talking recently, and one stated that there had been a huge shift in media interface. (Look at me using big words!)  In plain talk, that folks didn't read blogs as much, they used fb more for interaction.
What do you think?
3d business man character with question mark over his head Stock Photo - 5248046

I do fb quite a bit, but it doesn't really help you to know the person. That's what I think blogs are for. And maybe everyone already knew this, and that's why they host giveaways on their blogs.


Newsbreak! Giveaways!!! I had one last week!!! So now, we need the winner, right?
Drum Roll please.........

And the winner is.........................................................................................................................................

Lisa Lodge!!!!!

Congrats! Message me your address, and I'll get it right out to you. (and you know you have to make me some metal-ly goodness from it, right? Oh, you didn't read that fine print??)   

So everyone let me know, do you think blogging is 'so 20 seconds ago'? Or does it still serve a vital purpose?  If so, then how do we 'promote it'?
And before you go, just because we all need some beady goodness, right?

'Blogging about Beauty' by lsmoore

Beautiful works of ART, to share with my blogging buddies!

Bead Crochet Patterns: Your...

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Wine and Roses Beaded Vessel

Blessings, Shirley