Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winner, winner!

Ok, I'm just feeling so incredible blessed right now!
 I won this fantastic book from Cyndi over at Beading Arts

She emailed me today, and I was jumping up and down!!!! Why, you ask? Well, mainly cause I love winning cool stuff. :) But also because I really want to master this beautiful stitch. Yes, I can do a basic RAW, but that's about it. The funny thing is, I immediately "got" CRAW after watching Heather Collins' awesome video. Now, it was probably just because she is such a phenomenal teacher, but it seemed so simple watching her video. I highly recommend you watch it!

Anndddd......we have been sick for most of the past two months, so I haven't had much inclination to post.  But I also won a gorgeous package from Objects and Elements!!!
Check out these cool components!

 See the vintage brooch? And the brass rivets.

I love embossed metal!

Oh, all the itty bitty letters!

Check the cool pendants.
Ok, so enough eye candy right?
I've just gotta share the love with all my beady peeps, so stay tuned, I'm gonna work on some cool giveaways, 'k?
Blessings, Shirley