Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Values

Ok, so I spent a very disturbed weekend. I have never liked Halloween, for obvious connotations. I have allowed myself to be pressured into letting my kids "dress up" for "Fall Festivals" in the past. This year, my heart was convicted that this is just wrong for Christians to support this holiday. I'm sure if I had anyone reading this, I'd probably get a ton of comments. But since this is just me venting, I think I will. It really doesn't matter if you only do it for the "fun" parts. It is still a victory for Satan. Period. Every time we fool ourselves, it is a victory for him. I just laid it all out there for my kids, and told them that basically it's just a form of begging. You are putting on an outfit, and begging strangers to give you candy. Uh, hello, don't we teach our kids not to take candy from strangers?? So, I know God convicted my heart this year, now it's up to me to stand up for it.