Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anchors Aweigh Reveal!!

Today's the day!! I'm so very excited to show you what I've created!!!
I'm thrilled to not only participate in this blog hop by the wonderful Rita (Toltec Jewels), but to get to play with Diana Ptaszynski's beads!!! I just adore Diana's beads, and this is one of my most worn bracelets. That girl knows her stuff!

Here's a pic of the beads I received for this challenge. And you can go here to pick up some of your own!

Stormy Seas Anchor Charm Pair

I love the soft color of these babies. I could have gone in a green direction, or blue, or grey.
I knew what style I wanted for them, I just wasn't sure how to accomplish my idea. So off I went to Pinterest. I love heading over there for  ideas and inspiration. I just typed anchors and sea in the search box, and got lots of ideas!!!

I chose to go with a 'rope' theme. I kept it very simple, because I wanted the rope idea to lead the way.

Sigh, I seriously need to learn some image skills. You really can't see the different colors in the images, but I used a soft grey accented with tiny silver 15's. The other side is a soft, matte white lined in silver.

 A soft and simple interlocking knot.

Perfectly accented with that gorgeous anchor bead!

The colors glow in the sunlight!

 I'm so pleased with this piece, thank you Rita for the challenge, and Diana for the wonderful inspiration!
Please go check out all the challenge participants.

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  1. I can see why you wear it all the time, what a beautiful piece, and it must have taken forever to do all that bead work, but well worth it!

  2. Wow, admire and respect all the beadwork that went into making this bracelet. It looks like it would be elegant and comfortable t wear. I love it!! Gina H

  3. Gorgeous beadwork and a beautifully understated result, Shirley... perfect for this theme :)

  4. The beautiful soft colors of the beads are perfect with the anchor charm. And of course, a knotted rope is a perfect idea for a nautical themed challenge. Lovely work.

  5. what beautiful bead work here! I love the soft, simple look of the ropes and the knot in the pattern - I bet this feels wonderful on!

  6. Love this Shirley. I had envisioned something with this knot for my piece but I procrastinated too long and copped out with earrings. You are such an inspiration to me!!!! Beautiful work.

  7. Love what you did with the rope with the change of colors. Really different!

  8. Love this piece! The rope/knot theme works so well.

  9. I'm certain your bracelet is so much more beautiful then what a picture could ever reveal! The shades of colors, the sparkle and even feeling how silky the strands would are when you wearing it. When I see a picture of pretty jewelry I tend to envision the beauty and the touchy, feely senses...hmmm I wonder what it smells like?!

  10. What a beautiful bracelet! I can see why it is one that you reach for again and again.

  11. Shirley you already know that I just love your bead weaving skills! Such a suburb job and the piece is fabulous. Love it!

  12. Wow what a gorgeous bracelet! Your weaving is wonderful.

  13. I can see the two colors and I am sure they are so beautiful in person. Your ropes turned out so well and are a perfect match for the anchor charms... LOVE!!!

  14. Just love your design - I knew I would see something incredibly creative and unique for your project. I really like how you made ropes with your awesome beadweaving skills! :-)

  15. Love the Rope Idea (-: it's perfect with the charm. The silver-ish colours go so well with the teal, so ☼ shiny ☼ Great work, I like the shell in the picture as well!

  16. Love the simple and elegant choice of the knot as well as the muted sea foam colour palette :-) Great design!

  17. Your bead work is simply wonderful. I love the knot and the way it adds to the nautical theme.

  18. Hi Shirley,
    Your bracelet is beautiful, good choice for the design, a knot.

  19. Not sure I would call that simple but I would call it Beautiful!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  20. Simply elegant! I love your design and your close up pictures!

  21. I thought of doing a white & a blue herringbone strand to knot as you did. But came up with other designs along the way. I love the way they flow & it's very relaxing to look at.


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