Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beading Babes Reveal #4

Hi all! Today is reveal day for our Beading Babes Challenge #4. Hard to believe we've already had 4 challenges! They have been so much fun, and I've learned tons! And if you've not heard of Beading Babes, head on over to Karyn's blog and get signed up!
Our patterns for this challenge were Ruffled Chain Bracelet....

Paisley Drop Earrings

and Nancy Dale's Trellis necklace

Now, if you've ever been fortunate enough to use one of Nancy's designs, you'll know how thrilled we all were that she offered it to the group.

I knew immediately that I wanted to make Nancy's necklace, and I wanted to use some Julsbeads that I've been hoarding.

So, first I'll show you the Paisley Drop earrings, then we can talk about my Trellis.

Aren't they cute? I chose these lovely springy colors, because I knew I was going to make these as a gift for a friend. They were very quick and easy, and I like the addition of the bicones for sparkle factor.

Ok, now to my Trellis. What I adore about Nancy's patterns is how I grow each time I use one. I am not at all comfortable with RAW, so I knew this was going to stretch me. The inner core is right angle weave that is then zipped up. It is made in sections, which are joined by crystal rondelles, per her materials list. But I wanted to use my Julsbeads. No big, right? Well, yes, it was.
See how the hole of the bead indents? Makes it a bit hard to bead around that first unit, let me tell you!

I did complete the base section of the necklace, and one section has the trellis embellishment. I'll post a finished pic later, promise!  I ended up making 6 sections, with a total length of 28 inches.

Now, about that embellishment.....I made a few errors, but learned lots! :) The beads I chose for the flower are a rainbow grey. My base is an eggplant color, and my netting is a lavender with amber inside. Soooo, they flowers? Yeah, you can't really even see them.

See the purple crystals? Well, that bit of light bouncing off of a bead just above it on the right would be the flower. And those hot pink beads??!! Where the heck did they come from? Um, I thought it would be a good idea....
Actually, they were the only metallic beads I had. They are supposed to be the flower embellishment. I agree, kinda jumps out, doesn't it? Good thing this is a necklace for me, with all my errors! :)  But, I'm so glad I've made them, weird as that sounds. Cause how else do you learn?

So here is my one section of trellis, completed.  I wasn't sure about the trellis beads at first. I thought they would dull the metallic purple too much, but in person, you can really see the amber inside color glinting in the light. I'm so very pleased with my progress on this necklace, and totally in awe of Nancy's ability to come up with this design.
I have heard through the grapevine that we may have another designer tutorial in the works.
Please head over to Karyn' blog to see the other designer's from this challenge!
Blessings, Shirley

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flap Your Wings Reveal

Today is the reveal day for the Flap Your Wings challenge, hosted by Tania Spivey over at Moobie Grace Designs.  This challenge was in honor of Judy Glende, who finished her battle with cancer, and went home to her King.  Most of the artists involved in this challenge probably knew Judy better than I did. I had found her blog, and followed, for a year or so. I had made comments, which she always answered. So I was just an online acquaintance, but what an impact she made on me! Her positive attitude, her phenomenal jewelry, and her willingness to give and help in any way.  All those things were what I knew of her through just being an online acquaintance. What a blessing she must have been to those close to her.
I'm extremely pleased with the piece that came about as the result of this challenge.  I don't sell my jewelry yet, and I knew immediately that I wanted to make this piece for a very special friend.  She and Judy don't have anything in common that I know of, but she is also a wonderful and positive "balcony person" in my life.
As with most pieces, this one had some ups and downs.  I wanted to use a pendant from a stash I had won from Objects and Elements about a month ago.
 I tried several different beading options around the pendant before I finally settled on one.
I created a rectangular frame for it.

I chose St. Petersburg for the straps. I love that stitch, it is so delicate looking.  I truly love the colors, golden honey and rasberry red together.  I felt uplifted and peaceful throughout this project, and will be always thankful to Judy for the kindness she showed to me.
Here are the other participants in the challenge.  Blessings, Shirley

8. Kim Ballor 

11. Lana Kinney 

12. Kym Hunter 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pretty Things: ~~~ Win a Set of Impress Art Letter Stamps!! ~~~

Pretty Things: ~~~ Win a Set of Impress Art Letter Stamps!! ~~~

Ya'll know Lori Anderson has the coolest stuff, and now she's giving away another set of stamping tools from PJ Tools.
So head on over there and put your name in the pot!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Greatest Teachers

As a Christian, today is a day of great celebration for me. I know that there may be some of you that are not Christians. And that's ok, because that's not why you follow my blog. You chose to follow me because I've said or done something that caught your attention.  Christ was a master at catching peoples' attention.  He taught through parables, and always with love in his heart.
My beading journey has been one of gratefulness for the teachers in this niche of the world.  So, today, I wanted to celebrate some of the teachers of of jewelry design.  Maybe you will find someone new to enjoy.
Since this just hit my brain this morning, it's a quickly written list. Feel free to add your own inspirational people in the comments.
Nancy Dale- NedBeads
Callie Mitchell-Peregrine Beader
Linda Roberts- BeadsForever
Sabine Lippert- TrytoBead
Robi Sorry, no pics of this one, they don't allow copying of their images.
Linda Lehman-WearableArtEmporium
Heather Collin-Studio183
CarolDean Sharpe-SandFibers
MaryLou Holvenstot-Time2Cre8
DebbieVan Tonder-Debger Designs

Have a Blessed Easter! Shirley