Monday, January 23, 2012

Lark Books-Studio Series

Just had to share with ya'll very quickly. I recently won a Lark Books giveaway over at Beading Arts, from the wonderful Cyndi Lavin. Actually, it might have been from her other site, Mixed Media. Anyway, she was giving them away on both sites. I won the Lark book entitled, "Tables".  Now, I understand. Not as exciting to you as if I had said....Jewelry!  However, I just got the book, and I'm telling you, I was so blown away, I had to stop and tell ya'll about it.
I'm tellin' ya, these are just the most stunning tables I've ever seen. I'm not much of a modern style person, I love antiques and furniture with character. But the imagination, and design in these pieces is simply overwhelming. Their use of different types of wood, metal, found objects, etc is so inspiring. I found myself imagining all types of jewelry designs from either the color they used, or the shape of the table, or the materials.
This is the second book I have won that has totally surprised me with it's interesting content. I think I'm starting to learn that art flows from one medium to another, just by letting your imagination run free.
Hope you have a blessed day! Shirley

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Kinda sounds like a computer geek, huh? Nope, just a little catching up, and a huge THANK YOU!!
Here's what's on my bead table today.
This is for the Beading Babes project. I've had a huge learning curve for this pattern. Took me ripping out 4 times last night to get it down. Then, as I worked on it today, I decided I didn't like the colors of the beads, so I'm off to rip it apart again. <sigh>. Well, at least I've got the pattern down now, so it should go much faster.

This little beauty showed up in my mailbox today! Isn't it awesome????  It is a PIF from Niky over at SilverNiknats.  I'll try taking a better pic tomorrow, when it's not so overcast.  Can't begin to tell you how loud I squealed when I saw this. I love her work, and the beads are just scrumptious!!

 So, this was a quick little gift to myself. I started out with a pattern, but I didn't like the way it was working out, so I just kinda went my own way with the embellishments. I was afraid it would be too big, but my kids assured me it wasn't. And even the hubs agreed!
Hope you're having a wonderful day! Blessings, Shirley

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharin' the Love

How cool is this?? My friend Sally over at Wild Sally Road blogged about these. They are called Word Clouds. You can find them here.  I just put my blog in, and it came up with all these words from my blog posts. I'm so in love with it!!!!!
Now go play with your words! 
Blessings, Shirley

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two more Days!!!!

Til what???

Bead Soup Blog Party, of course!!!
  I'm so nervous and excited this time around. Excited, because I've participated twice before, and this is an absolute blast!  Nervous.....because this time it is by lottery, so I may not make it into the pot. Why by lottery? Because this baby mushroomed out of all sane proportions last time! I think there were almost 400 participants, all over the world. Which is an incredible amount of work for the ingenious Lori Anderson, the creator of the Party. If you've never heard of it, please take a moment to check out some of the past hops at her site.  Here are a few pics from my previous Bead Soups.
Have a blessed day! Shirley