Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stressed Out

Well, if your 11 year old tells you it's time for you to schedule your spa treatment, can you take that as verification that you are stressed out?
Just discovered that my test materials have not been ordered, and have to pay an extra $30 for rush shipping. Now, I'm really not trying to blame anyone, but I also don't feel like I should be the one paying for it either. So I don't run into this same situation next year, I am going to my calendar now and put a reminder on it for next year! ARGH!
Next subject is messy housekeeper. I readily and fully admit to being a mediocre housekeeper. Having said that, I am also pretty anal about my keys. So, imagine my frustration, as I get ready to walk out of the house, and my husband has misplaced my keys. Not intentionally. But the result is the same...I have no keys, no way of driving.
Ok, so far, pretty sucky day, right? Well, my attitude is the only thing I can change. So I am making the decision to FIDO...Forget It and Drive On.

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