Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Color Challenge Reveal

Yeah! It's here! What an awesome challenge this was. Erin @ Treasures Found hosted her second Color Challenge. I was thrilled to participate in this one. I was still very much a newbie and finding all the cool blogs when she had the first one. Apparently she had lots of fun with paint chips at that one! She found a fantastic source of color inspiration for us to use in the site, Design Seeds. My color choice was purple. Design Seeds color chart was: Frozen Heather! Take a look!

Isn't that scrumptious?? But it was a bit harder than I anticipated. I immediately knew I wanted to do another freeform bracelet. I loved the experience with my first one, so I started pulling out colors. Now, Erin never said you needed to use only the colors in the palette, but I really tried hard to stick to that. I had one exception. I had ordered one of the Monday Mixes from Betsy Ramsey over at Red Panda Beads. And one of those was really calling to play with the purple. See?
She has the prettiest ab finish that just sparkles.
Wanna see how she well she plays with Frozen Heather?? Lookee!!

 There's that pretty topaz hanging on the edge.

 And looping around a clear ab crystal.

I ended up with lots of bridges on this one.

I totally realize that this is a busy piece, but it just wouldn't let me stop!

It really wanted to curve over, so I let it!

Check this pretty little toggle. It's a pattern from Grace Nehls in Feb 2011 B&B.

This is the back side, which I thought was pretty as well.
This color palette was a challenge, since I was trying to use up stash, and it was a lot harder than I thought to get that blue/green included. I apologize for my pics. When I took them, the colors seemed to show true. Once I'd uploaded them last night, the purples looked a lot more blue! So, those "blue" beads around the edge are really more of a purple color. I had a total blast making this, and working with the awesome Design Seeds color palette! Please go visit them when you have a chance.
Here is the list of the other participants (and their color palettes) in the challenge!
1Norma TurveyTealColor Crave
2Jeannie DukicGreenMineral Tones
3Mary McGrawTealEmbellished Hues
4Jo TinleyRedDecadent Tones
5Rebecca AndersonPinkTulip Tones
6Kristi JaroRedTemple Entrance
7Stephani GormanGreenDew Tones
8Melissa MemanGreenFruit Star
9Kathleen Lange KlikTealSilk Hues
10Cynthia RiggsRedAutumn Comfort
11Heidi PostTealFlora Bright
12Cece CormierTealMerino Teal
13Amy FreelandGrayCultured Tones
14Alice PetersonBlueIsland Play
15Rose NobleGrayAutumn Stacked
16Kristina JohanssonYellowSunny Flower
17Kirsi LuostarinenTealDragon Hues
18Tari KahrsOrangeCitrus Tones
19Mallory HoffmanPurplePetaled Dark
20Molly AlexanderBrownPeppered Tones
21Regina SanterreRedFrosted Berry
22Emanda JohnsonTealColor Purl
23Amy SeverinoOrangeWinged Tones
24Bobbie RaffertyTealLime Hues
25Tanya GoodwinGrayPecked Tones
26Lisa LodgeBlueNocturnal Tones
27Hope SmithermanBlueBloom Tones
28Linda LandigGreenCacti Dark
29Ambra GostoliTealPerched Autumn
30Lori Bowring-MichaudBlueSharpened Blue
31Pippa ChandlerTealHungarian Hues
32Keirsten GilesPurpleMineral Brights
33Jennifer JustmanBlueAutumn Rays
34Sandy RichardsonPurpleMoroccan Brights
35CJ BauschkaTealTeal Air
36Shaiha WilliamsTealSushi Hues
37Kay ThomersonPurpleAutumn Spectrum
38Sally RussickPurpleGolden Gate Tones
39Cilla WatkinsPurpleAutumn Infused
40Shirley MoorePurpleFrozen  Heather     You are here!!
41Jenni ConnollyGrayPaw Tones
42Tamara SoperGreenField Tones
43Sharyl McMillian-NelsonBlueNested Blues
44Jen VelasquezPinkSweetened Tints
45Maria GrimesRedBright Bloom
46Elisabeth AuldGrayPetaled Tints
47Susan KennedyPinkZinnia Tones
48Shannon ChomanczukGrayAutumn Leaf
49Holly WestfallYellowSprinkled Tones
50Patty GasparinoRedColor Carton
51Angela LittlePinkSingapore Brights
52Lizzie ZawinskiGreenBudding Hues
53Kristen StevensPinkScooped Tones
54Dawn DoucetteBrownJarred Tones

Monday, November 21, 2011


My how time flies! It has been 3 whirlwind years since we moved to the coast. I was a very unwilling participant in this plan. Today I can say that I am thankful I listened to God, and followed His direction for our lives. It did take a while. So, if you are in the midst of a storm, be patient.
My life has been so enriched by so many things. We have a truly special group of acquaintances and friends here now. So different from the folks we hung out with in Tennessee. But that's ok too.
The weather here is drastically different. Lots of humidity, sunshine, heat, humidity, growing things we're allergic to, humidity....but there is also a special beauty in living on the coast that you just can't duplicate.
This bird, an anhinga, is originally from Brazil, and now migrates here.
The very frightening (to me) bridge in Charleston. That is one looonnngggg sucker.
Truly beautiful sunsets
Such peaceful waves.

The salt marsh, a fascinating area of the coast.

I am privileged to be a part of CBS Bible Study program at a local church. This non-denominational program helps women really dig deep into the Bible, to study, understand, and apply God's Word to our lives today. The program here also offers a homeschool class, so my children are studying the same subject matter that I am, just at their level.

I am so extremely grateful to have found all the amazing people here in blogland. I have learned, laughed, cried, and enjoyed the stories, comments, teaching, knowledge, and just sheer wonderfulness of people met thru blogging. Yes, I know we all have our hairy moments. But for the most part, we are all a community of niceness. Of supporting one another, of sharing with each other, of encouraging thru comments when people share a glimpse into their lives, bare bones and rough.  I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for this journey God has me on, and that you are a part of it. 
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Shirley