Thursday, June 27, 2013

Artisan Whimsy Test Group Guest Reveal

Well, that was a mouthful, wasn't it? And what is it all about? Well, each month on Artisan Whimsy, a test group is selected to work with 5 separate items from the participating sponsor. And if you've never heard of Artisan Whimsy, it's a wonderful marketplace to showcase your jewelry and creativity, interact with other designers, and a fountain of useful information. Signing up is easy at : 
The sponsor for this month is the wonderful ZNet Shows. The really exciting part for me is that not only did they choose 5 participants, of which I was not chosen, but they very generously sent a package to everyone who stated they would like to participate! Which means ME!!! And some other very talented designers.
And what did we get to work with? Why, some incredible cultured beach glass beads. You would be hard pressed to tell it from genuine sea glass, except for the fact that it is incredibly silky and soft to work with. I know, those are kinda strange words to use for glass, but really, that's how they feel.
Here is the sample image from Artisan Whimsy, showing what we would receive:

The only difference for me is that my string of beads is a soft blue, and the rectangle pendant is the matte white like the smaller ones.

 Just couldn't resist creating a bezel around this cutie.

 Still trying to decide on the rope for it, I think either a St. Petersburg, or a Russian Spiral.

Doesn't this look like a bowtie? I had the best fun making this one, even though it took me way to long, which is why I didn't get to finish all my ideas. There are a boatload of new ideas (for me) in this little cutie.

 The clasp bar itself is CRAW, but the tab attaching it to the band is two sections of RAW, stitched together, like a sandwich.

 The two sea beads with the RAW unit connector sits beautifully on top of your wrist.

 This was my first time creating this kind of toggle circle with twin beads. Had to try twice before I got my dimensions correct, but I really, really love it.

 The middle bracelet is a macrame, with a polymer clay button for clasp.I love the contrast of the rasberry cord with the soft matte blue.
My other pics of the chips bracelet have gone missing, and it is now on it's way to a new home. It was my first make, and I love how it turned out. The chips sit on top of a RAW base, and look like little boats floating on the water.

I love where these beads took me. I love the ideas that sprang up, the creativity that flowed, and the final products. This was truly an enjoyable challenge for me. Thank you to Artisan Whimsy, and ZNET for letting me have such a fun time!
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Wow Shirley - that blue and white bracelet is just divine! And I love the bezel you made for the pendant - can't wait to see what kind of chain you put that on! Amazing work my friend!

  2. They all turned out great. I really like the macramé bracelet as I've just started doing macramé again. And the bracelet on the right with the chips/fishbone beads is gorgeous. It's so much fun seeing how all the different designers interpreted the beads.

  3. All so cute! And such a nice diversity of techniques, too -- you really showed off what the ZNet beads can grow up to be.

  4. Wow... Amazing bracelet, but I am just in awe of your bead work.. I love it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow, you did some amazing bead work on your pieces. That bracelet is awesome.

  6. really gorgeous work! and the toggle is awesome! love that bracelet

  7. Nice designs! I like the middle bracelet the best!


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