Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fish are Friends Blog Hop

Woohoo! Glad you're here! Bet you will leave with a smile on your face! Why? Cause there is just no way anyone can see these cutie pies and not grin from ear to ear. The fabulous Karen Williams is the author of this challenge. She is an extremely talented designer, and wrote the tutorial for the star of the show...the fish!
So, before we get started, I have a little, teensy weensy confession.....I am a tiny, little bit right angle weave challenged. Whew! Ok, so now we've got that out of the way....what? Yes, the fish is created in right angle weave, so?!
So, I really, really had to concentrate to make his little adorable self, but it's all good. And, just like when I first started understanding right angle weave by trying out Nancy Dale's Trellis necklace. It still wasn't my favorite stitch, but at least she got me to finally understand how to make something with it!
Karen's fish helped me get to the next level. Her tutorial has some awesome tips on increasing and decreasing, and this sweet little guy has so many design possibilities, it's just crazy! This is really one of those tutorials that helps you wrap your mind around how a stitch works, and starts the creative process flowing.
I made two of them, but I will most assuredly have a school of them before long, they are that addictive.
 I played around with my poly clay, intending to make a dogtag style piece that could hang on a necklace with the fish. Matthew 4:19 is where Jesus tells the disciples to go out and become fishers of men. I didn't create what I had in my head, but that's ok, at least it helped me to know what I didn't want. :)

 This is my first baby. I love his little kissy lips, and bright happy colors!

 My hubs told me I had his side fins back too far, so I kept that in mind for my next one.

 I have a couple of mistakes in this one, but the color scheme is much I love contrasting matte and AB beads in a pattern.

 This is one of the few beads that I actually have the same color in all the sizes. I used 13 one cut charlottes on the petal part of the side fins, and size 8's for the end bead on the dorsal fin and the tail. The charlottes created the cutest little eyebrows that I just adore!

His tail and dorsal fins remind me of Rainbow Fish. Did you ever read that book to your kids?

 His body was supposed to have been fatter, but I couldn't get my bead to fit.

 I'm for sure going to be making some friends for my two babies to play with!
Huge thanks to Karen for the tutorial, and the opportunity to understand RAW a bit better! Please check out the other participants of the challenge. Blessings, Shirley

Our wonderful hostess- Karen Williams-Baublicious


  1. Beeeeeeaaautiful fishes!!!!!!!! I love 'em! I especially like your second colorway, but they are both soooooo cute!!!!! :) :) I'm so glad RAW is becoming more and more easy for you, too!! It can be addictive in and of itself - but if you keep on making fish, you'll be an expert in no time!!! :)

  2. Hi Shirley!!! I just loved this post...and totally felt like we were channeling each other with some of the dynamics of these fish!!! :) I LOVE your fish. I think the fins look great in both positions..and totally feel that poetic license is allowed here (ahem...I made one with hardly any fins - poor guy probably can't swim!) Also totally digging your dog tag idea with the reference to the Bible quote. What a great idea. Can't wait to see more of your fish!!

  3. Right angle weave wasn't one of my favorite stitches in the beginning, either. But it really grows on you, over time.

    I love how you've made the pattern your own - your fish are distinctly you, especially the second. He has the greatest face! I think his eyebrow give him a professorial air.

    Oh, and as for the fins being 'too far back' on the first - fish come in so many different shapes and sizes, you should just tell you husband it's a different species. :)

    Thanks for joining in Shirley!

  4. I was thinking of the Rainbow Fish when I was making these as well. I also kept thinking of the Pout Pout Fish with the kisy lips.

    Your fish are awesome and I do love the colors in the second. I would never have thought that your were raw challenged. :)

  5. Awwwww your fishies are so cute!!! I love the combination of matt and AB beads. I say varying the fin placement is a great idea. I'd like a chain of these fish to hang from the rear view mirror in my car. I bet people would give that a second look :-)

  6. Very nice fish. It is so fun to see how the differences in the core beads really change the shape of the fish. Your monochromatic fish is very sleek looking. Almost like a minnow.

  7. You are so right about that tutorial: It helps a beader really understand right-angle weave!

  8. Love these guys, Shirley... hope you will revisit your dog tag idea, too!

  9. RAW is not one of my favorite stitches either- just does not feel solid enough. I do, however, love the things I can make with it.

    Your fish turned out well. They are fun and they do make bring a smile.

    It is amazing what a difference the color choices make.

  10. From one RAW challenged weaver to another...that Dark Fish Rocks! Love it! And "The Rainbow Fish" was a favorite of ours :-) Thanks for bringing that memory back to me.

  11. Hi Shirley,
    I am back from Florida and just now getting to the blog hop. I love your little fish they are both so adorable. I love the colors you chose to use and I really like the matte AB green one, because I just love those colors and his eye brows are so cute!

  12. Adorable fish!

    Stopped by for your blog hop reveal for Lisa's hop. Please message me when you post so I can see it!


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