Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Word for the Year....Leaning

Have you decided on your Word for this year? I'm a bit late, as this year has already rushed into existence with me standing bewildered on the sidelines!

This one took some soul searching. I didn't stick to my word last year too well. I am still coming to understand myself as a designer, and what I want 'my look' to be...
What I have come to understand is how deeply I respect designers of patterns. I have grown and developed as a designer myself because of the teaching I have received through patterns and tutorials.
I have participated in blog hops and challenges, and each time have grown better. word for this year is LEAN.
I am leaning on my understanding of my skills, and lack thereof. I am leaning on the expertise of designers that teach me to be better. I am leaning on God's understanding of His plan for me, not my own.
Truthfully, if it were up to me, I would happily spend my days beading and interacting with lovely folks on FB and blogger. But that is really just a fantasy, cause I don't have unlimited funds, but, more importantly, because at some point, you have to put your work out there and see if anyone responds to your style.
And what if they don't? Well, as crushing as that might be, I hope I would take it to heart that I need to explore my style more, focus on my skills a bit more, and try, try again.
I will also continue to LEAN on my awesome FB groups.
One in particular is a new skill that I have been extremely excited over...bead looming!
It is so far from my usual fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style.
I hope you'll come back and hang with me while I explore the possibilities of the loom, and learn
more about some great artists while I'm Learning and Leaning!
Blessings, Shirley

Now, you know I can't just let you leave without some eye candy, right?
Original Koi Fish pattern created by Erin Simonetti, beaded by me. (My very first loom piece)

Matte black and green kumihimo rope, designed and created by me, for custom button and focal by Sheri Mallery of Slinging Mud. (focal not shown)

Netted bracelet, instructions by Carol Cypher in Mastering Beadwork. Custom button designed by me.

 Peyote crosses, pattern in Beadwork June 2013 by Alice Coelho.

 Guitar string bangles, designed by me.


  1. If your first loom experience turned out THAT beautiful, I cannot wait to see your future loom pieces! You already know how much I love that netting piece and those guitar strings are fantastic! All gorgeous pieces here, Shirley. Keep Leanin' :-)

  2. Wow these are all beautiful, Shirley. I am with Christine on the loom piece. Learn is a great word, never stop learning.

  3. I am late to comment, but that doesn't stop me!! Thank you for the eye candy - I love all the work you are doing. When I first read the title of your post, I registered it as "learning", but then I saw it was "leaning". As great as 'learning' is, leaning is very important too. I think it's something every one of us could do a little more of! Hugs to you!!

  4. Wonderful projects that all look amazing. I really love your guitar string bangles, very clever of you and they are so pretty.
    I've never tried loom work but have admired the works of loom beading artist - your first attempt at this art turned out exceptionally well. Bravo. :)

  5. ps - Tried to follow your neat blog via Google but for some reason it failed to allow me to do so. Finally after several unsuccessful attempts I signed in and followed using my facebook ID instead of my Blogger ID. Oh the joys of Microsoft Windows !!! :D


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