Monday, October 18, 2010

Down Time

So, I had some wonderful ladies over last night for some homeschool down time. I make jewelry for my hobby and release of pressure. I asked the ladies who came what they did, and no one had anything. I was so shocked. I really love my kids, and totally know that God called me to this journey, but I just can't imagine working as hard as I do with homeschooling, and not having a "release". I always think of a description I read in a book years ago about marriage relationships. It talked about how if you do loving things, you "fill your spouses' cup up" and obviously, hurtful things "empties it". When I spend my day working with my children, not only on book education, but on life education, it empties my cup. Beading and Bible studies, and long talks with friends fills my cup back up.
So let me know if you have any "release" things that you do. In the meantime, have a wonderful Monday!

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