Saturday, April 2, 2011

Margie and Me Reveal Day!

Yeah! It feels like it took forever for this one to get here. I kept thinking, I could do another piece, maybe, no, yes.....but with all the other stuff I've involved myself in, I decided not to try to squeeze it in and maybe do a poor job.  This challenge was a lovely painting called, "The Sower with the Setting Sun".

I really love all the vibrant colors in this painting. I knew when I looked at it, that I wanted to find something to represent the glorious sun with all the color sprangling out from it. (Yes, I know sprangling is not a word, but it works for me.)
So, my decision for a pattern came from the tiny lines of color in this piece. Let's see what you think!
 A St. Petersburg chain!

The closure is a yellow button, slipped into a peyote round with yellow fringe.

The body of the chain was worked in a rainbow grey seed bead, with an embellishment on the top of matte purple.

Bright and bold sunshine!

 I'm like most people, I don't tend to wear a lot of yellow, but this bracelet is surprisingly easy to coordinate with lots of stuff in my wardrobe.  The orderly person in me has a bit of an issue with the fringe, but I try to imagine the painting, with those short strokes, creating a lovely work of art, and just go with it. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to head over to LaBellaJoya to see the rest of the designs!
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Glorious Shirley! I love the clasp the best, excellent work!

  2. very nice! I love the look of st petersburg and you did an excellent job!

  3. Shirley - this is gorgeous! I love the way you made the clasp mirror the sunshine in the painting!!! Your colors are really captured the sprangling!! :)

  4. Very pretty!Love the colors and I especially like the reminds me of the sun in the painting.

  5. Wow, Shirley! I'm still so in awe of people who seed bead! Looks amazing - great job!

  6. So bright and festive! Great job!

  7. Love the sunshine around my neck...have a great urge of snatching it from here.It is truly inspiration and there is so much happiness and light through the vibrant colors.Anniversary gift ideas

  8. I really love this bracelet - the colors, the closure, the St. Petersburg stitch. Perfect!


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