Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary--to Me!

If you have ever wondered if God answers prayers, I can tell you He does. Because when a little girl of the 60's, from a divorced homelife, said every night, "I just want to be married"; He honored that prayer.  We celebrate 22 years of marriage, and 26 years of friendship. (Yes, it did take a while to get him to the altar).  We started out ridiculously in love, and built into a tried and true friendship. And, just like all the rest of your friends, sometimes we don't like each other! We have grown to understand that it's ok to want to be in another state  room from each other, cause you'll get over it eventually. We have learned the value of communication, even when the truth hurts.  And, even when I want to be naive about things, and just not know, he won't let me, cause he believes in me, and my ability to handle the tough stuff.
I pray that my children will be just as blessed in their marriages as we have been. I pray that if you have been frustrated with your spouse, or not, you will give them a big hug and kiss today. When they ask what that's for, just tell them it's for being who you are, cause our men have to handle a lot of tough stuff in this world today too.


  1. Wonderful post Shirley, congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary Shirley - that's quite an accomplishment. I loved this post, a great reminder & inspiration for those of us who have been married a mere 2 years!

  3. Happy anniversary and congratulations! My husband and I are working towards our 18th anniversary this year. And I know just what you're saying.

    Falling in love is lovely. But staying in love, and kindling it into a true partnership, that's something different and far more rare and precious.

  4. Happy Anninversary! Thank You God for blessing Shirley and her family! I will give my hubby a hug later in honor of your anniversary! Thanks for sharing.


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