Thursday, August 18, 2011

Really Cool Neighbors

Just thought I'd share a couple of pics of my neighbors!
Yes, we did sit the poor guy on a used lunch plate to take his pic!

 Somebody doesn't have a happy face. Good thing they don't have long memories, cause my daughter is constantly catching them to show me how cute they are. We have a pond in our back yard, and we feed them, so they aren't shy to come right up to your feet.

 This beautiful guy was making lots of noise this morning. He was about 25 feet up in the tree, so these were the best views I could get of him. He didn't think I was important enough to interrupt his breakfast search!

 Good thing I'm not a woodpecker, cause my headaches would have me starving. He really makes a lot of noise.
We took this fellow's picture earlier this summer. He is called an Anhinga. The interesting thing about him is that he dives into the water for his food, and then has to dry his wings out before he can fly, cause he doesn't have the water repellent on his wings that other birds do.

 The markings on his wings are quite lovely.
So, what kind of neighbors do you have??
Blessings, Shirley


  1. This is the first time I've heard of an Anhinga. What an interesting bird!
    Love your other neighbours too ;-P Do they invite you over for coffee?

  2. Hi Shirley! Thanks so much for the kind words at my blog earlier - I'm glad God spoke to you through what I wrote.... Looks like you have some very interesting neighbors! Loved your photos.... Thank you so much for adding my button to your blog! God bless....

  3. Living in south Florida I've some of the same neighbors. We have a few of the large woodpeckers with the red top-notch like in your great photos. Have no idea what they're called. We also have some much smaller ones that also have a red top, my hubby says the smaller ones are flickers but I really don't know, all I do know is they're pretty.

    I love the photo of the anghina drying it's wings. They never seem to stay around when I want to take a photo of them. Guess they're camera shy for as soon as I step outside with my point and click camera, they take off.

  4. Love the pictures! That's a pileated (sp?) woodpecker I believe. We've got those here in Tennessee also. We've got many winged neighbors, as Dad has a bunch of feeders outside the den windows. I will post a couple pictures on my blog. Most of our other neighbors are nocturnal, and the day time creatures are always too quick for pictures. In the last week I've had 2 different types of butterflies land on me, and a hummingbird come so close to my head (about 2 feet), it startled me the hum was so loud.

  5. Ok, here's my post on my "neighbors" lol

  6. I'm surprised that turtle wasn't sporting a necklace or somethikng!

  7. Hi Shirley - I've completed the Porcelain Pendant tutorial and would love your critique on it. Once I got the directions straightened out it was really easy to create. I have no idea where the blogger on the Hungarian blog was going with her directions but I have a feeling she was giving a left handed version of it ... which is great if one is left-handed. :D

    I had to post in 2 parts as it took time to photo, write up and then edit parts I & II.

  8. Shirley, your neighbor photos are great! I love when people share cute critter/bird photos. :-) As for neighbors, right now we are at the beach so two come to mind - the amazing horseshoe crabs, and sea gulls. I just love the sound of sea gulls.


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