Sunday, August 14, 2011

Treasury Color Challenge Reveal

Well, not as early as I would have liked, but I did get it posted on the day of the reveal. The lovely Amy over at Copper Diem set up a color challenge using an Etsy Treasury. We had two weeks to create something based on the treasury. I received this beauty.

Since I love the color purple, this should be easy, right? Well, I have these beautiful magenta purple delicas that I just love, but I have a really hard time getting them to play nice with other beads.  So I immediately decided I wanted to use them, since it is a challenge! Did I mention there were only two weeks to accomplish this? And that I had 6 other commitments in that two weeks? Oh heavens, I was sweating bullets to get this done.  It's not a complicated pattern, but I am enormously pleased with the outcome. I love making difficult, elaborate items, but I tend to wear my more simple, clean lined pieces most frequently.  I feel confident that this will be one of those pieces.

 I started with a purple and yellow theme, which I love the contrast of those two colors. However, I had done that a few months ago for a Margie and Me challenge, so I wanted to head in a different direction.  I wanted the purple to shine, but not overwhelm. Thus I went to my trusty color wheel, and found this triumvirate of purple, blue, and tigereye brown.
I am very excited about the new camera I just got (also in that two week time period), but I don't know all the ins and outs of it yet, therefore I can't find the macro setting! 
Thanks Amy for this wonderful challenge!  Please go visit the other participants to see their lovelies!!
Tune in tomorrow, and I'll introduce you to my Bead Soup partner! You really don't want to miss that! Blessings, Shirley

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  1. Love it! Those colors are fantastic! great job!!

  2. I love it, Shirley! I would wear this tomorrow if it were mine! Love the links and the colors and the whole thing!

  3. Shirley that is awesome!!! Can't believe you made the gorgeous piece in a day? It would have taken me forever! And the new camera seems to be working great, the pictures are awesome.

  4. Wow, your bracelet is stunning! I love the design!
    Deb x

  5. Wow! Love it - immediately wearable!

  6. If you don't wear it, just send it to me! lol!
    It is a beautiful bracelet. Well done, as it captures the treasury perfectly.


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