Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the Love of a Child

This has been on my heart for the past week or so. As a home school mom, I am with my kids pretty much 24/7. Sometimes that becomes a heavy burden, and I have to take a break. I was very guilt-ridden when I first realized this. I thought I was an awful mom to want to get away.  Then I realized that it was exactly what my children and I both needed. We needed to miss each other, so we would become more grateful for each other. So, in a weird way, for the love of my children, I take some time away from them. Not nearly as much as I should, but that's another story.  Here's the thing. What do you do for the love of a child? Do you give yourself credit for it? This post is really to get all of us, myself included, to recognize all the things we do for children, and all the things we can do as well.  I have become friends with some great people thru blogging, and recently the struggles of children have come to the front of conversations.

Christian, learning how to shoot a bow.

  Just today, on Tapping Flamingo's blog, she posted about giving to cancer foundations and hair for cancer patients. I called my children in to read it to them, to help them understand that there are many ways to help people, and they don't all have to involve money. I want my children to realize that the most precious gift you can give someone is your time. I want my children to be wealthy in the people they are surrounded with, not necessarily in finances. (Although I wouldn't object to that!) So, I work on me, to be a better person, so I can teach my children how to be better people. Funny how that works out!
Do I make sacrifices for them? You betcha! And, yes, sometimes I'm not gracious about it. But I try. And I think that's the most you can ask of anyone.
Young Marines Mud Run

I am taking a bible study through Community Bible Study. It is a wonderful program, designed to take you deeper into understanding of the Bible. This year the study is on the book of Luke. So, of course, we are studying about the miracle of Christ's birth, life, and death. When you truly understand the culture of the time, it gives a greater understanding of the sacrifices Mary made, for the love of the Ultimate Child. Oh, how grateful I am that she was such a courageous woman. If you don't have children, don't think that you're not making a difference in a child's life. Your kindness to the person serving you at your favorite restaurant can translate into them being a better parent to their children. Your willingness to make a bracelet for 7000 Bracelets for Hope gives encouragement to parents dealing with life...threatening their child.
Please take a moment and give yourself credit for all that you do....for the LOVE of a child.

Blessings, Shirley


  1. Hi Shirley, thank you for this post I was actually feeling quite overwhelmed by motherhood the last little while. I stay at home with my girls and drive bus part-time so that I can stay with the kids. My oldest daughter started grade 1 this year and the youngest will be in preschool in November, my husband works longs hours and isn't around to help much so the care-giving of the kids, keeping up the house and all the other duties fall on my shoulders and lately I have been feeling very worn out and wondering if me choosing to stay home with the girls is benefiting them. That is why I design jewelry because that is something all for me but I find that I am sometimes so busy with my life that I don't get alot of time to invest in me. But you reminded me what precious jewels I have and how lucky I am to be able to see my girls grow up and for me to be the person that is helping to shape them into the adults they will become.

    Take care,

  2. A wonderful thought provoking post! xxx

  3. This is such a heart warming post! I don't have kids yet, the operative word here is yet. But I am alarmed and confused when so many of my peers (we're all around 30, the magic marker) declare they're not going to have children. Period.
    And the ones that do have kids indulge in a permissive upbringing thus washing their hands of any responsibility that comes with raising a child. Because to love a child means teaching them boundaries as well.
    If I have learned one thing is how to recognize a good parent. Without a doubt you firmly fall into that category. Through a simple test: you repeatedly ask yourself if you are a good mother. Which doesn't mean you doubt your actions but you are aware and make conscious decisions on how best to educate and nurture your children. :-)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful post Shirley!

  5. All very true. I had a hard summer because I really worked hard on getting Zack ready for the big transition to third-grade. I basically home-schooled him and got him involved in a lot of things and we spent SO much time together that we started getting on each others nerves, and I realized I had to find him play dates so he could spend time learning on his own. It was hard, but I knew it was best for him.

  6. What a thoughtful and heartfelt post. I feel like all I do lately is make sacrifices for my sons....driving them to their numerous sports practices, sitting out in the cold and the rain to watch their games, etc. I would prefer to not be so busy (or so cold)! However, I know the character building benefits that are a direct result of their participation in these activities, and I'm willing to sacrifice my time for that. But I do complain sometimes!!

  7. I think you can be the best mom in the world (and I suspect you are) by being true to yourself and who you are. Recognizing that you need time to yourself is a really great step. It would be sad if you recognized that and didn't act on it. Your kids will know that you're not only an awesome mom but all-around awesome person!

  8. Shirley, I can truly relate to your feelings of needing to get away, and what is best for your child. I am around my kids a lot too as a stay at home Mom...but not nearly as much as you are since I do not homeschool. My kids now go to 3 different schools and I'm their bus driver so we have lots of time together!! (I think of you and the photo on your sidebar!). You are a fantastic Mom - so involved in your kid's learning. I really admire that. I know your kids will realize and appreciate all of the sacrifices you've made one day...but it's hard for me to call them "sacrifices", because I know you truly love what you do!


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