Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharin' the Love

How cool is this?? My friend Sally over at Wild Sally Road blogged about these. They are called Word Clouds. You can find them here.  I just put my blog in, and it came up with all these words from my blog posts. I'm so in love with it!!!!!
Now go play with your words! 
Blessings, Shirley


  1. So cool Shirley, of course I will. Just love words. Hope you are well! (hugs) Queenie

  2. Cool, Shirley. I love yours! I especially love the word "around" inside the O from the word "so." That's really neat!

  3. I missed this first time around! Glad I happened to catch it. Your word cloud is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link!

    I just plugged in my blog - "love" isn't one of my keywords. :( And it's informed me of words I use too much (like 'but')!

    Maybe I'll make that a challenge - to write an entire blog post without 'buts'. :)


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