Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Kinda sounds like a computer geek, huh? Nope, just a little catching up, and a huge THANK YOU!!
Here's what's on my bead table today.
This is for the Beading Babes project. I've had a huge learning curve for this pattern. Took me ripping out 4 times last night to get it down. Then, as I worked on it today, I decided I didn't like the colors of the beads, so I'm off to rip it apart again. <sigh>. Well, at least I've got the pattern down now, so it should go much faster.

This little beauty showed up in my mailbox today! Isn't it awesome????  It is a PIF from Niky over at SilverNiknats.  I'll try taking a better pic tomorrow, when it's not so overcast.  Can't begin to tell you how loud I squealed when I saw this. I love her work, and the beads are just scrumptious!!

 So, this was a quick little gift to myself. I started out with a pattern, but I didn't like the way it was working out, so I just kinda went my own way with the embellishments. I was afraid it would be too big, but my kids assured me it wasn't. And even the hubs agreed!
Hope you're having a wonderful day! Blessings, Shirley


  1. Shirley,
    Glad you worked out the concept of the Beading Babes project. I have not started mine yet. I liked your color combo, so I can not wait to see what you changed it to. Your PIF (which I don't know what that stands for) is beautiful and you did a fantastic job on your ring it is gorgeous.

  2. Shirley I love your ring! Seeing it on your finger would be icing on the cake. Glad to hear all my Sistas have a can do, will do, by gosh attitude. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  3. I love the contrast between the tiny seedbeads and the chunky (in a glamorous sort of way) ring you made with them! Very fun!

  4. I had to go to the acronym finder to get PIF. I assume it's "pay it forward" not "prototype integration facility." heehee. I love the bracelet and your ring is just awesome. I'm with Therese. I like this color combo on the Beading Babes project. FWIW.

  5. Shirley, you are so patient working on your Bead Babes project - it's no fun to have to take apart your work...but I'm glad you've got it down now. Your PIF bracelet from Niky is really sweet - nothing like surprises in the mail! My favorite though is your ring! It is stunning! I am in awe of your beading talent & would wear that pretty ring in a heartbeat! ;-)

  6. That's gorgeous! I never cease to be amazed at bead art.

  7. Glad to see someone is getting the Beading Babes project done! I have taken mine out twice already and will have to do it one more time.. I TOTALLY missed Step 7 adding the connecting piece between the rosettes. I've had to set it down for a bit to let my brain rest on that one ;) LOVE your ring!!!!

  8. Hi -

    New to your blog and must say: Beautiful Beading!

    The ring is from BnB Dec 2011 right? I made 2 color versions myself and love wearing them. When I made the 2nd ring - I used fringe drops instead of crystals.

    Candys in Oklahoma


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