Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Michelle Mach's Card Challenge

Hi Everyone! Today is the reveal day for a challenge I entered about a month ago.

 Michelle Mach sent each participant an embossed card to play with. I was so thrilled, since I have recently started playing in the world of Mixed Media, and this was a great way to "get my feet wet". I told her to chose the design for me. (They were all beautiful.) Mine is a Hearts design.  I thought a long time about the types of medium I would use to transform it. Not having any experience in it, I wanted to try at least two different types.  I chose colored pencils first. I was thinking of a tonal look, but got too excited using the pencils, so it has a bright, happy summer feel to it. I tried stamp pads next, just brushing them randomly in several areas.  I love buttons, so I sewed one onto the middle of a motif using embroidery thread.

I also used  flatback rhinestones, and a glittery fabric flower.
I think I will go back later and try coloring in the base of the embossing, it looks rather light in this pic. I am definitely a beginner in this style, but I really had a lot of fun!
 Blessings, Shirley


  1. Oh fun! This was my first impulse, to color in parts of the design, but my walnut inks beckoned and I got carried away ;-) Love what you did...aren't colored pencils great?

  2. Shirley,
    I like what you did with your card it is so bright and cheery just like a spring day. I think it would make a good Easter card to someone special.

  3. How lovely! The card really is beautiful. Looks like it was very fun.

  4. Very springy, happy, and pretty! I know I'd love to get a card like this--then I'd frame it for my wall! :-)


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