Sunday, September 30, 2012

AJE September Challenge

I really can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I received the email, telling me I had won a spot on AJE's monthly challenge. Not only is it just a really cool blog, but the component for this month was none other than one of Diana Ptaszynski's ceramic charms! I know, right? Awesome stuff!
If you've never seen her stuff, you can check it out at her shop, Suburban Girl Studios

She made a couple of different patinas, and  you didn't know until you opened the package which you got.

I was thrilled when I opened my package to see the root beer glaze. They are both great colors, but that one really said Fall to me.
I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the design fell into place. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a bracelet, cause I wanted to be able to see that beauty, A LOT! :)

I think this was one of the quickest challenge pieces I've ever made. I loved the embellishing, and how the colors played off of one another.
Wanna see?

You didn't guess these colors, did ya? Yes, I chose PINK  and GOLD to highlight the root beer color in the button charm. then I embellished it with  amber silver lined 11's.
The size 8's are actually a mix of matte pinks, oranges, and silver lined gold. It's a very soft and pleasing mix. I wove them in CRAW, my new favorite technique, thanks to Heather Collin's video.

I accented the top of it with chocolate matte size 11's, to pull in that deep pool of color in the creases.
The silver lined amber 15's edging the toggle loop really bring it all together.
Thanks so much AJE and Diana, for the opportunity to participate, and work with such a beautiful bead!
Please go to the AJE Blog to see the rest of this month's participants.


  1. So gorgeous! I love the pink and rootbeer together and what beautiful beadwork!

  2. Those colors were a fabulous choice to set off that awesome bead. Nicely done!

  3. That is really pretty! Also, some of those colors are unexpected and now I want to work with those hues and my root beer glazed pieces!

  4. Oh my friend I am coming to snatch that right up!!! I love all the colors you used to accent!

  5. Your bracelet turned out so lovely, Shirley! I love the little silver lined beads, they are a perfect accent. So pretty!

  6. What a lovely piece of work. Your color choices couldn't be better.

    Liz Hart aka KipperCat

  7. That's lovely Shirley - the rich colours and detail in the bracelet set of Diana's piece beautifully - nice work!

  8. Hi Shirley, I love the bracelet! The colors, the stitch everything about it! Gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful! I love the gorgeous colors in the bracelet, which really show of that fabulous button!

  10. The colors work really well! And the button as closure- gives it the attention it deserves!

  11. I LOVE the pink and gold. Beautiful! Gosh I really love this piece.

  12. Love the colors! They perfectly complement that fabulous button charm.

  13. Shirley! I love what you did with your component!! FABULOUS!


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