Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn Design Challenge Reveal

Hi all! Welcome to the reveal for Lesley and Caroline's Design challenge!
You just have no idea how thrilled I was to be able to work with these components. I have been a follower, of Lesley's for quite a while. This is my first time working with Caroline's beads, and I can tell you, it won't be the last.
Have you ever had so many ideas floating around in your head, you just don't know which to do? Well, that was me. It took a bit for the beads to get here from the UK, so I was also short on time.
My design process definitely gave me fits for this challenge, but hey, that's part of the fun!
Where is my before pic, you ask? Why, of course I forgot to take one! But, in my defense, I was excited!
Lesley sent a bracelet bar, and a leaf, and Caroline sent a strand of oh so luscious beads.
I'm part of a kumihimo facebook group, and one of the members, Pru McRae, had just released a new tutorial that I had been itching to get my hands on. When I saw that bracelet bar, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!
See? Isn't that just the most scrumptious???

 Ok, so my pics are definitely off in color a bit. I promise you, those goldstone beads are a perfect match for the colors in the bar. 

Here is a bit more full size view of the bracelet. I didn't like the way I ended it, so you don't get to see that part....cause it's my blog, that's why! The gold beads are size 5 triangles, and they worked perfectly with the goldstone beads in Pru's fabulous pattern.

Next up are the leaves...oh yeah baby! Caroline's bead set included a ceramic leaf, and I wanted to use them together. I happily set out to bead a leaf to go with them....
 I adore this leaf, but sadly, it didn't make the cut. My idea, and what we ended up with are worlds apart.....
But, oh, how I love it! My vision had lots of leaves in various sizes, with tons of fringes, and a peyote band to bring them together....hmm, guess I thought I was in charge here....
My poor pics do not do these beads justice, they are so beautiful, and just really didn't need  a lot of busyness.

 Two simple ropes, with all the lovely shades of autumn.

 I was so excited to finally get to use the UFO beads from The Beading Room. They have a bit of a weathered look, like picasso, and the light shines through them beautifully. 

I still had several of Caroline's beads to work with, and spent two days creating an awesome CRAW bracelet....and then just didn't feel the love. What to do, what to do (insert image of me pulling hair)
Every time I looked at those beads, they just said 'necklace'. Which is fine, but a speedy beader I'm not. All the beadwoven rope techniques I wanted to use, I knew I didn't have time to complete.
So, as I'm sitting there staring at my VERY MESSY desk, I keep looking at this awesome teal clon kumihimo cord, sitting next to one of those beads....
This is another of my favorite kumi patterns. This one is by the talented Sally Battis, of Sallybeadjewelry.
Huge apologies, I finished this up too late for decent pics. The magatamas have a gorgeous hybrid of colors, and that cord just sings next to Caroline's bead.

This feels sooooo comfortable on your wrist.
This challenge has been so much fun, HUGE thanks to Lesley and Caroline!
Here's the list of participants. Have fun checking out the designs! Blessings, Shirley


  1. Wow! I knew I would find something lovely here Shirley and you didn't disappoint...Hard to pick a favourite but probably that stunning necklace as it's just my colours but I love both the bracelets too. Thanks you for taking on our challenge.

  2. Love what you did here Shirley! All the pieces are stunning and the components looked awesome to work with!

  3. Wow, you work well under pressure. Love the new technique on your first bracelet but all of your pieces are awesome.

  4. I love them all! The teal coloured bracelet is my favourite <3

  5. Lovely pieces! Beautifull work!

  6. You bead weavers! I don't how you do it. Everything is gorgeous.

  7. I love beaded kumihimo! Lesley's focal looks perfect alongside it! Thank you for taking part in our challenge! x

  8. Wow, I am so impressed! It is all beautiful but I think the second necklace is my favourite.

  9. Lovely! I was really struck by the color pallet of the first piece, the pattern and vibe of the second, and the comfort of the third. You have made some truly beautiful pieces here!

  10. What a great use of kumihimo! We've got similar components, but got in a totally different way, isn't it fun??!! Difficult to chose one favorite, but I'm drawn to the colors of the necklace ... or maybe to the last bracelet ... Well, a really good job!

  11. Your designs are very pretty. The last bracelet is my favorite. Stunning

  12. I am always fascinated by the things you can do with sead beads. This is really not my area. And I am truly fascinated by your blue bracelet. I find it beautiful.

  13. Fabulous pieces! I love that first bracelet and found the kuminimo maked for a very elgant design. Love the beautiful rope necklace, so perfect for fall.

  14. Everytime is wonderful. I did kumihimo too. I am going to have to try working bead into the braid next time.

  15. I love them all! How lucky you were to participate.

  16. Each one of these are wonderful, but the last one is my absolute favorite! It's unique and so stunning! Love the colors, texture, and design! Mm-mm! You outdid yourself, Shirley! :-) (Reminds me, I have some work to do!) --Sharyl

  17. Beautiful Shirley, all of your pieces are done with perfection in my opinion, you did an awesome job of show casing Lesley and Caroline's components and beads. I love the leaf necklaces, ah heck, I love all of your pieces.

  18. Wow, Shirley! Super job! The "Autumn ropes" are my fave.

  19. Fabulous work Shirley! I love kumihimo with beads and your pieces are gorgeous.


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