Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two for One Reveals-Therese Frank's Birthday Reveal

Today is going to be exciting, for sure! How did I manage to sign up for two challenges due on the same day? Nut job, that's me!
Please go here for the post on Lisa Lodge's Hop.

I am so very pleased and honored to be included in Therese Frank's Birthday Reveal. I remember drooling over all the beautiful designs last year that everyone created for her birthday. So I was super thrilled when she included me in the list of folks to receive a very special piece she created.
She played with fusing dichroic glass, and made gorgeous focals that she mailed out to everyone.

Now, you're waiting to see the focal, aren't you? Well, I could have sworn I took a pic when I got it.....but couldn't find it on the computer amongst the MASSES of photos in there. Seriously, I thought I was going to drown in all those pictures! I need a secretary! Oh, wait, I'm a stay at home mom...hmm, ok, well, guess I'll have to train one of the kids to file and soon as I learn how...
Anyway, back to the beauty! There are so many gorgeous colors in my focal, mainly in the blues and purples area of life. Yep. Yummm!!!
Sooo, I decided to try something new. What? It'll be fine...really. How hard can it be to bead embroider?
Lots of people do it....
Well, it actually went pretty well. And you would think I would have NO PROBLEM at all coming up with a rope for it, right? Sigh, no, I was overcome with indecision, and, I purchased beads, and I liked them, but not with the focal, and I started a rope, and I really like it, but not with the focal...yeah.

I do love these dichroic beads, the faceting and shape are very interesting, but I felt like they were competing with Therese's focal, and that was not the point!

I sooo love how this rope is looking, but I did not think I was going to get this much of a curve on it. Not sure if you can see the random reds in the carry beads. They show up very well in person. Just like the small red spot in the focal, they catch your eye unexpectedly. I do think I will end up using the black matte beads, and maybe some silver lined crystal to make a rope for it. Suggestions are definitely welcome!

See the little random red beads? I love how they picked up the red in the focal.

Yes, there is a string hanging off there....

I don't think I'm quite finished with the bezel, but I'm not sure...and I do need to add a backing, but I don't have anything suitable at the moment. 

 Therese, I had so much fun learning bead embroidery with your beautiful focal, and I've got the perfect outfit to wear with it! Thank you so much for including me in your birthday challenge!
Now, head on off to see what the other very talented ladies have created! Blessings, Shirley


  1. Shirley - fantastic embroidered bezel!!! I love how you kept it simple to really highlight the beauty of the cab that Therese created!
    The rope looks like it will be perfect for it too!!!

  2. Well for just learning, I'd say you've got it! and quite a fast learner!! Great idea to pick up the red accent - I found that as well with my cab and gold. They really are beautiful cabs that Therese gifted us all! Make sure you show us your final reveal :) I bet it will be gorgeous

  3. I love what you have done here with the focal, Shirley! Looks wonderful to me as is!

  4. Shirley~this is fantastic! You pulled the perfect colors together for the gorgeous cab Therese sent you! Your bezel is beautiful and looks like it fits well. You are BRAVE...I am terrified of embroidery!

  5. Yea for trying bead embroidery! I'm glad you liked it. I love the colors you chose. I also *adore* that rope you made. I can't wait to see you finish both. :)

  6. Beautiful Shirley, I love what you did with the bezel it is very pretty and really highlights the colors in your cab. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me and I hope that you will continue to celebrate with me for many more years to come.
    Much love,

  7. Oh, oh, OH, I love the rope you've got going -- the colors, the curve, the EVERYTHING! The bezel is lovely also, and I can't wait to see the final product

  8. You're doing so well for your learning piece! I would add some extra 'weight' on the sides of the cab, to balance it. And the rope is perfect, the small red beads are beautiful ~ keep going, i can't wait to see the result (please remember to share).

    P.S. After you get your assistant for pictures, please send it to my house too - LOL

  9. Well, I hope this works this time, last time I hit "sign out" instead of publish...grrrrr!! I love your focal embroidery, and I think the rope would look wonderful with it. Looking forward to the result!

  10. Your rope looks beautiful and you're doing a great job for the first time! Looks great!

  11. I am so crushing on that rope! Your beaded bezel is gorgeous....perfect beads for that perfect cab!


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