Saturday, March 1, 2014

Clean Up Fix Up Blog Hop

I know, right? Who wants to clean, when you can design?? Well, apparently, I was a bit over the top in the messy department...
Anyway, I guess there are a lot of us out there, because when Sharyl first posted about cleaning up, a boatload of folks agreed to do it too! Ok, I'm sure y'all have more exciting things to do than see my messy space, but I do understand...
It's kinda like a train wreck, you just can't stop yourself from looking...

This is the school desk. You can see I've taken over one spot, and am inching my way towards the second seat as well.

This is the bead desk my hubs created for me from a tv armoire. That back board did have 3 shelves to hold my seed beads, but since he used nail glue, my beads overpowered them and two of the shelves fell. Cause beads have superpowers. 

 This is the 'general crafts'/grain buckets/empty shipping boxes/homeschool resource section. See why it's exhausted trying to stay clean??

Ok, so I didn't get everything cleaned, but hey, I'm rather thrilled with what I did get, so there. 
 You seein' this??!!! Not a BEAD in sight!! Totally weird, right?

This is a special corner of my desk. The bead frog and the angel were made by my daughter, and the awesome sheep is a gift from Cooky Schock. It is a special gift from The Shepherdess store, precious to me since the store is now closed.

My spools of fireline, clon, needles and glue. And basket of stones for photos. For some strange reason, that basket of stones is very calming to glance at, which is why it is on my desk.

My tool holder, wire holder, and empty tubes and boxes holder. Hey, it works, ok?

The school desk is looking better, and I've definitely stepped back to just the one spot, but I didn't get to touch the other area of the room. You know, that catchall side? Well, I'm still a happy girl over my EMPTY desk!!!!
K, go head off and see what everyone else accomplished. Blessings, Shirley

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  1. I got a great idea reading your blog. I have a tv armoire in my 2nd jewelry room in Delaware that I could convert into a beading area. Right now it just has supplies that could be reorganized and perhaps I can close the doors to it and hide the mess. Thanks!

  2. I can just imagine Kathy running off on that mission...
    Well, my dear, you seem to have your spread under control. Bare bead mats is a pretty shocking sight, you should have probably put one of those censored boxes on there :). I could have told you those shelves would fall, they may be tiny beads but en masse, they pack quite the weight. Yes, if you tried to steal my Hamilton that was about 200 pounds empty, it is probably 250 or so now, so good luck with that lol

  3. Bravo! You made progress. That's what it is all about.

  4. Great progress! And I love the bowl of stones and personal touches on the desk. They make us smile -- and that kick starts the creativity. :)

  5. "Beads have super powers!" Ha! I'm sure I'll have to quote you on that! Thanks for joining in, Shirley! You do have a lot to corral, and I'm so impressed! I'm glad I got to see a part of the space where you teach, create your lovely works, and live! Your space looks terrific! --Sharyl

  6. I also love the idea of the armoire! You did a great job cleaning up your space. It's a fun hop seeing what everyone is doing cleaning-wise and getting some great storage tips along the way.

  7. Shirley you are right bead do have super powers. That made me laugh out loud. You did a great job cleaning your beading space. I am having so much fun looking at everyone else's work spaces and I am picking up ideas as I go too.

  8. The one down side of being a creative person is the amount of really cool stuff that can accumulate. I am very impressed with your organization and just know you have all sorts of really fun stuff hiding in your catch all area, just waiting for its chance to jump onto the table and into one of your projects. :).


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