Sunday, August 3, 2014

Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets...Reveal time baby!

 Ok, this was such a fun challenge!
The awesome Rita (Toltec Jewels) put out a request for artists interested in playing with some of Sue Kennedy's new bead design, chicklets.
If you've ever had the pleasure of designing with Sue's beads, you will totally understand why it was a joy to create with this bead!

I received the top bead on the last row. Yes, that yummy orangey pinkey color. Sooo gorgeous!!!
This is a small bead, so you would think I would choose to create a bracelet, right?
I wanted to make a necklace, so I could feature this baby front and center.
Wanna see? Course you do, that's why you came. Insert dramatic cloak swishing....TADA!!!!!!!

I created a double rope with kumihimo and 3 bead spiral peyote.

 Here is a close up of the kumihimo. I looped the end, and added some jump rings to the loop for a fun texture. This has 8 elements, with a chocolate bamboo yarn creating grounding for the sparkle yarns in burgundy, yellow, and orange.

 The peyote spiral picks up the darker tones in the bead, along with a softer shade of the oranges. The spiral has two size 8's, and 1 size 11 seed bead. This is a quick spiral that packs a lot of visual punch.
 I created a butterfly bail to suspend the bead from the ropes, 

 and added some simple fringe to the bottom. The butterfly bail gives such a nice contrast to the ropes, and the darker beads just point straight to that fabulous chicklet!!
 I may go back and add more fringe, it's driving me crazy the way it keeps separating to either side!

Here are the rest of the lucky participants!
Thanks Rita, for another super fun challenge!


Guest of Honor & Featured Artist:  Susan Kennedy

Sue Kennedy's blogs:                               SueBeads...A Beady Girl's blog
                                                               Art Jewelry Elements
Sue Kennedy's website                            SueBeads
SueBeads Art Beads                                SueBeads


Toltec Jewels                                 


Linda Anderson                             

Jennifer Reno                                 

Shirley Moore                                

Kristen Stevens                              

Marybeth Rich                               

Jael Thorp                                      

Melissa Trudinger                           

Andrea Glick                                  

Nan Smith                                      

Blanca Medina                               

Shai Williams                                  

Carolyn Lawson                             

Rana Wilson                                   

Robin Reed                                    

Robin Showstack                           

Sheila Prosterman                           

Karla Morgan                                

Kari Asbury                                   

Kelly Rodgers                                

Jayne Capps                                  

Mischelle Andrade Fanucchi          

Heather Richter                             

Chris Eisenberg                             

Kathleen Breeding                         

Linda Landig                                 

Crystal Thain                                 

Cheri Reed                                    

Heather d-Entremont                     

Dini Bruinsma                                

Lori Schneider                               

Tammy Adams                              

Melinda Orr                                  

Lennis Carrier                               

Cynthia Machata                           

Elizabeth Hodges                          

Debbie Rasmussen                        

Tanya McGuire                             

Charlie Jacka                                

Ev Shelby                                     

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson              

Jasvanti Patel                              

Thanks for joining me in celebrating this challenge. Blessings, Shirley


  1. Your necklace is beautiful. I do like how the chicklet is front and center, and the butterfly bail just makes it!

  2. Holy Moly...this is gorgeous..LOOK AT THAT BAIL!!! Look at that chain!!! I so do love this necklace, a look I could never achieve on my own! Perfect!

  3. Shirely what a fantastic job. You really made that chicklet shine and I love, love, love that butterfly bail!!!! What a beautiful piece.

  4. The dark ropes contrast and accentuate the butterfly bail and that red chicklet .It is quite bold for such a small bead. It's that vibrant red color and simple design that make it stand out

  5. OMG, I'm in awe! Just gorgeous, and that bail is outstanding.

  6. OMFGorgeousness!!!!!!!!!! I love that bail and fringe!!!!! You rocked it girlfriend!!!!!

  7. It would have been easy to overwhelm the little chicklet with elaborate beading and yet your design really showcases it so well. Great choices of color too.

  8. you had me at hello with that bail! now I MUST go hunt that tutorial (complete with accent of course) to figure out how to do that! What a gorgeous piece! and yes, it would be a riot to bead with you ... no doubt there would be more laughing than beading

  9. Hi Shirley,
    Gorgeous necklace! I know how you feel about the tassel, it drives me nuts to when they just will not blend together.

  10. Wow! You succeeded beyond your wildest dreams in showcasing that chicklet. Your choice of color and design is so very perfect. Love love love the necklace!

  11. Gorgeous!!! What a beautiful way to showcase the Chicklet. The rope colors are perfect as well. Way to go!

  12. Such outstanding work. All the texture is amazing.

  13. Great to see, how the colors of the chicklet are visible in the bracelet as well. It's all so shiny... Love it!♥

  14. beautiful work! great color combos and I love how you brought your chicklet front and center!

  15. Gorgeous necklace! And for such a small bead, they do work wonderfully as focals. I also used one as focal in a necklace.

  16. Fantastic Necklace, the kumihimo adds a lot to the necklace.

  17. This is why I love blog hops. I would not have thought of that color combination which is fantastic. What a great necklace.

  18. Shirley, it's amazing how you created this lovely, complex piece and still you allow Sue's bead to just pop out, front and center. It all goes together so wonderfully!

  19. Wow! Lovely many tiny beads that showcase that chicklet amazingly!

  20. Great way to showcase that eye-popping bead color! Very unique and beautiful!

  21. Wowzers! Amazing work. There is so much to see and appreciate here: the kumihimo, the spiral peyote, the amazing bail and the careful layering of colors. And all that without overwhelming Sue's Chicklet. This is a show-stopper!

  22. I LOVE your piece! It looks like snakeskin - so very cool! I also love that you pulled some of the pink out of the chicklet - doesn't LOOK like it's pink, but sure is! Job well done!

    Linda A.

  23. Beautiful work of art! There is so much talent showcased in this piece that I can't say which part I like the best. Let's just say WOW about all of it. Great job!

  24. Your designs is amazing..Beautiful beadwork...

  25. That is gorgeous, Shirley!.....and so are those beads!

  26. Huge thanks to all the lovely commenters. Ya'll really know how to make a girl feel good!

  27. Wow and WOW! You are so gifted! I love everything -- the rich, intricate & earthy Kumihimo, the perfectly coordinating beadwork spiral and the butterfly bail -- Oh, how I love that! I long to create bails like yours... so professional and sophisticated, and I agree, such a perfect way to highlight the chicklet. As always, you created a star of the show! Gorgeous, Shirley!

    Thank you for joining in & sharing your gifts xxoo

    1. It is truly an honor to participate in your challenges Rita. Thank you!

  28. I love the brown and red. It's really striking. The handiwork is amazing.

  29. Hi Shirley, Your necklace is beautiful. You showcased the Sue's chicklet perfectly. The kumihimo and spiral rope are a great backdrop and the bail really draws me in toward the focal. Great job.

  30. Such a beautiful necklace! Gorgeous seed beading & kumihimo. Your bail is fabulous!


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