Monday, October 20, 2014

The Learning Curve...and a Giveaway!

So, this post has come about due to some recent conversations on facebook, and some exciting changes in my personal life.

As a beadweaver, there is a dedicated learning curve. Some folks instinctively grasp the math behind the beads, and some can effortlessly put colors together in fantastic displays of gorgeousness.
The rest of us? Well, it takes work, and more work, and more work.
I do feel that I have made huge strides in my technical skills, and choosing colors that play well together. Some of my favorites......

And....some of my 'not so favorites'...

The important thing is, I've learned with each design. I've found which colors I work best with, which materials, and the techniques that really make me feel good.
It has truly been and enjoyable journey, and I am finally opening a shop!!!!
It is a components shop, so those folks that love seed bead creations, but don't like working with them, can now use them in their designs.
It is still very small, with limited inventory, but hey, you've gotta start somewhere!

I'm also working on opening a finished jewelry store as well, but that will probably not happen til after the first of the year.

My last piece of good news is that I am now teaching classes at my local bead store, Moonstone Beads. If you are in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, please stop in, it's a great store!
 It's been a fun challenge for me, really stopping to think about patterns that will work for beginners.
I have to confess, even when I was a beginner, I was always pushing the envelope, trying patterns that were harder than my skill this has been very different.

Ok, so if you've made it this far, you definitely deserve a treat, right?
I need nice, constructive criticism, so I'm asking for help on the storefront.
Please head over and check it out, and let me know if you see something I can improve, change, add, etc. 
Come back and comment and you will be entered to win  one of these pretties. I will draw a winner on Friday, Oct. 24th

Thanks for your help! Blessings, Shirley


  1. I am so excited for you! Your shop looks fabulous....I love your initial blog post there! The Galaxy Bead in particular, is a stunner!

    And Lady, I have to agree, you have your colors down perfectly! Wish I lived closer, 'cause I know you would be THE person to teach me how to use those seed beads! Best of luck to you!!!!

  2. Your shop looks lovely, Shirley. I really love the Fall Leaf set.

  3. I can relate with it taking work! It takes me longer to get the colors together than it does to make the piece. Good luck with your shops! My Etsy shop is only a few months old and struggling. Only time will tell I guess. Best always!

  4. Shirley your shop looks great and you have been an inspiration to me. Your color combos are right on. Online stores are a struggle and years later I'm still struggling but the adventure is part of the fun. Congrats on your teaching project and if I lived closer I would definitely be joining you in your class. All the pieces in your shop are gorgeous but I'm partial to the dagger bead and those raspberry cubes.

  5. I saw nothing to improve upon so either you got it exactly right or I am blind with excitement over what I saw. I LOVE THE IDEA of a BEADWOVEN COMPONENTS shop!!!!! Brilliant idea!!! Just brilliant! And congrats on teaching weaving! You will shine!!! I did it for a while and would do it again under the right circumstances. When you have people willing to learn and you can show them in person, it almost always clicks for them.

  6. Brilliant idea! Love your concept and the execution.

  7. Shirley, that is a FANtastic idea, to do components...I think it'll be a hit; your beading is wonderful. I didn't have the opportunity to see how the shopping cart works etc, but I think the site so far looks great.

  8. Shirley, congratulations on opening an online shop and on starting to teach too. Your shop of beadwoven components has a wide variety of interesting beads, the colour combinations are great too. If I were to improve anything in it, that would be the description including the dimension and the direction of the hole. Wishing you all the luck.

    1. Thanks Ana, I will work on getting that info in there. :)


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