Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Beads are Shaping Up!

Where the heck did the time go? This has been such an exciting year, with so many cool things happening in my personal life, and in the world of jewelry.
Can you believe how many new bead shapes have been introduced in the last two years? Have you snapped up every shape, or are you reserving judgement for a while?
I've only picked up a few, and I've been very pleased with them. I've fallen in love with superduos, as I think most folks have as well.
Matte Jet SuperDuo 2x5mm Seed Bead

I've also tried tilas, rizos, and superunos. All quite fun!
Czech Glass 1/2 Matte Apollo & Jet 2-Hole Tile 6mm

There are many, many more shapes, and I do hope to try some of them in the future, as the beady budget allows.
What about you? Any new shapes you've fallen in love with?


  1. Well all of the two hole beads have caused me to pick up my needle and thread again. I've also picked up some of the etched farfelles and melon beads that I have seen being used in pieces lately. I too hope to have more time to play around with these beads next year. Soo many beads, soo little time. Look forward to seeing your new projects in the coming year.

  2. there really are a lot of wonderful new shapes out there ... I've tried a few (tilas might be my favorite so far) ... but so many more to try!


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