Thursday, January 20, 2011

Math & Beads

Ok, that's not really as weird as it sounds. There is quite a lot of math in beadwork. If I had suspected just how much, I may not have been so enthusiastic about jumping into jewelry.
I am extremely frustrated a lot of times, trying to see how to incorporate the math equation into a pattern. If you need an example, go see the awesome beaded beads over at GwenBeads. They will seriously blow your mind.
I have two boys, a 6th grader and a 3rd grader. As it worked out, I was working on new math lessons with both of them this morning. Since it is all new material for us both, I always watch the math video with the 6th grader. (He's working on decimals) As I suspected, he is breezing right through it. The third grade lesson was on multiplying double digits to double digits. I was mentally cringing inside, because my 5th grade daughter didn't like this lesson either. He kept pausing the video in frustration. So, I don't normally sit with them as they work the lesson, but that's what was needed today.
Have you ever just needed that extra hand? Today helped me to remember that no matter how young or old we are, sometimes it just gives you more confidence in yourself to have someone hang out with you while you learn. Even if it just for 5 minutes.
So, I will show you tomorrow what I am going to try today for the first time. There is so much to learn in beadweaving, and one of the things I have yet to do is a bezel. I have a beautiful stone that I'd like to use for the Margie and Me challenge. Here is the color palette:
Isn't it beautiful? Wish me luck, and I'll show you the results tomorrow!

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  1. I totally agree with you on the math thing! I'm in a math class right now for my degree and have two more to go. It's week one of the semester and I find myself jealous that your son has a video to help him!


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