Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Got my Buttons!!!

Oh wow! Just got the coolest buttons from my Button Swap partner, Krista at FrenchElegantJewelry.  This is a challenge created by Michelle Mach. You can read all about it here.
What I am learning through all of these wonderful bead challenges is simply priceless. With Marcie's Margie and Me challenges, I have been pushed way outside my normal range of color, to explore and mix colors in new and unusual ways.  With the Bead Soup party, I had to give up the control of choosing the beads, and work with items I wasn't used to thinking about. Now I get to work with buttons that have, again, been chosen by someone else.  The cool part? Krista sent me awesome buttons!!!
Check that brilliant pink flower!

There's and adorable little sparkly star in there, a couple of sweet pearl buttons, and don't you just love the glittery shine in the green one with the military goldtone ones?

Love the swirly smokey look of the big one, and the black one really sets off the colors in the purple/lavender button.

 This one is just fabulous. It will definitely be one of my first projects!

Here's the back side of it. Almost as pretty as the front!
 Well, I have lots of ideas "swirling" in my head, so I'm gonna go play!


  1. Glad you like them Have fun creating with them. :)

  2. Shirley, your buttons are really amazing. I love what you were sent! I received mine as well and love them. Need to start figuring out what I'mg going to create soon!

  3. Sounds fun you guys, can't wait to see what you make!!

  4. How wonderful! I love the pink flower! Have fun creating with those treasures!

  5. Buttons are lovely much as they adorn attires they can also be used for various other decorations...there are jewelry conceptions from these mixed with other textures these days,want to see your innovations as well.Birthday gift ideas


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