Saturday, May 28, 2011

Margie and Me Reveal Day!

So here we are again, Margie and Me Reveal Day. This has been such an exciting, frustrating, learning challenge.  I absolutely fell in love with the first painting, Flaming Jane. I love the soft, cloudy look of the dress and her curving posture.  I was very excited to start a necklace for it. However, I was about two thirds of the way thru, when I ran out of one of the beads. I promptly went to the store for more, and they were out! Yikes! Now what do I do? I have 4 days to make something else. Seriously. I am no MaryLou Holvenstot. If you're not familar with her work, go check her out on Etsy at Time2cre8.  She is a fantastic beader, and seriously fast. But, I digress.
The other painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring, also has lovely colors. I make another trip to the store for more beads.  Have I told you I'm a hobby beader? My hubs is not so happy with all the beady purchases lately.  But I'm having a great time!  So, it is 11:30 on the night before I head out to NC for a homeschool conference. I have finished the piece. I must say, I'm extremely in love with it. The colors are a bit off from the inspiration piece, but they are really stunning.  Hope you like it!

This is based on a Beadwork pattern called Arabella, by Regina Atkins. I had to make a few changes, but it is overall the same. The mauve bugles are the diversion from the colors in the painting.  I love the duality of this bracelet.  In one way, it is very Victorian feeling.  In another, it has a bit of a punky feel. My husband said I could definitely defend myself with it, and leave my attacker with a few sparklies!  It is  a substantial bracelet, so my LBS suggested I go with 3 magnetic clasps. Naively, I said ok.  Have you ever tried sewing on ONE magnetic clasp? Let alone 3? Man, I thought she liked me.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the piece as much as I do. :)


  1. LOL, you've got me rolling with the thought of you sewing on those magnetic clasps! Seriously though Shirley, the bracelet looks amazing! You really did a fabulous job.

    (and the post went off as planned!)

  2. Lovely! Now I can't wait to see your Flaming June piece what it's done. This is my very first time with this Marcie's challenge, and the best part is to see what everyone else did. This piece looks really lovely, reminds me of berries, and it looks really comfy and wearable. Wonderful job!

  3. What an amazing piece! I love the colors and the bling!! You did such a great job!

  4. What a beautiful bracelet - I really like this! The embellishments complimets the base work wondefully!

  5. I remember seeing this pattern in Beadwork. It really is a stunner. This looks great! Congrats on such a great piece!

  6. I love what you did here, and it looks like you are a pretty fast beaded as well! :)

  7. It's gorgeous, Shirley! Love the colors!


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