Monday, May 16, 2011

We won!!!

So I won a great giveaway from Penny Neville over at Copper Penny Designs. It was for her 100th blog post. I can't wait! You've got to go check out her Viking Knit bracelet. Awesome!!
And my kids....are gonna win something great from their parents.  I got our test scores back today. I choose to test the kids each year, using the Stanford Test. This is to help me prepare for next year, not to criticize them on their knowledge.  In all the years we've tested, I've not received any negative surprises.  When you are with your kids teaching them each day, you know where the weak points are.  I have, however, received some great positive surprises.  And this year was no exception.
Starting with my youngest, who is completing 3rd grade.  This was his first year testing. He's not a great tester. He does much better at oral spelling tests than written ones. He didn't understand the wording of the math problems. I knew all that. What I didn't know was that he would score at a 5th grade level for science. And a 6th grade level for listening skills! (Really?)  And that my little boy who started out the year struggling to read Magic School house books, and then took off reading the "Warrior" series of books (about cats) would score at SIXTH grade level in reading!!

Gracie is finishing 5th grade. Here too, there were no negative surprises. And actually, few surprises at all. She is an excellent student. Even though she claims to hate math, she still scored at an 8th grade level! She hit Post High School in language skills, and 11th grade in listening skills! Love that girl!

My firstborn child is finishing 6th grade. He has a "butterfly" personality.  Ya'll know how hard it is to get that one to focus!!  He also raced thru all the Warrior books, and then went on to Brian Jacques Redwall series.  His reading level went to Post High School.  He loves math, and it shows, with an overall math level of 10th grade.  The surprise to his mother, once again, was his listening skills rated at POST HIGH SCHOOL!!  Seriously??   And with his science scoring at almost 10th grade level, I'm so gonna push him towards a math and science degree.
 I love this picture, for the sheer joy on his face, running thru...mud!
Once again, as we wind down our school year, I reflect on how seriously hard it's been this year, and how extremely proud I am of these three little personalities.  They are such unique people already, and it's just fascinating to watch them grow and develop. Helps me to see how much God adores us, you know? 
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Shirley, your children's scores are a true testament to your dedication to teaching them. They are smart kids - must take after their Mama! :-) Love their pictures too - such bright smiles.
    You've been up to some seriously fantastic beading lately - I'm so amazed at your recent beadwork.

  2. Wow Shirley! Congratulations on your kid's test scores! That's so amazing, and their pictures are adorable! You all deserve a summer off. :-)

    Love the new look of your blog!

  3. Your such a good mama! Those test scores are amazing and you must be so patient to be teaching your own kids. Your kids are adorable and I think it is so cool that you can do that!


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