Monday, May 2, 2011

Margie & Me...Finally!

Well, it certainly took me long enough! Of course, if I hadn't decided that I just had to do a necklace, it would have been finished on time. But I have a slew of bracelets, and really need some new necklaces.  I really love the soft colors of the first palette Marcie gave us, so that is the inspiration.


I am proud of myself for several reasons on this necklace. Number one, I could have just said, oh well, I missed the deadline, I'll just skip it this month. (My kids were so funny, asking if I was going to get into trouble because I missed the deadline.) Number two, the stitch I chose for this is one that I struggle with...right angle weave.  So, here is my challenge piece, a few days late....
The pendant is from a B&B pattern from Oct '10 issue called Garden of Daisies. It is not exactly that pattern, but that is where I got my inspiration from, so that's where I'm giving credit.

 The light grey looking beads are actually a soft platinum color, with a little sparkle on the inside. The dark grey ones are also color lined...with pink! It really adds to the overall effect of the burgundy fp crystals lining the necklace, and the burgundy glass pearls.

 My son took this picture, and was very proud of himself for getting a decent pic.

I'm so glad Marcie has kept these challenges going, and some of the pieces I have made are my new favorites in my personal wear.  I'm definitely going to do better with marking the deadline! Why don't you join her in the challenge this month?


  1. It's great, Shirley - love the colors!

  2. This is great! I am so bad with right angle weave, so you did an awesome job, I am so impressed! Thanks for playing! :)

  3. Shirley I love it!!! You did a great job, I'm doing a RAW necklace right now for my Mom.

  4. Great job, the necklace looks fabulous.

  5. This is really pretty Shirley! I have just started doing some bead weaving and it is a challenge!

  6. Beautiful! I'm always in awe of those who weave seed beads. I've tried,and failed on more than one occasion! Gorgeous!


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