Friday, June 17, 2011

Beads (Giveaway) and Bread

Well, it is the name of my blog, after all.  Don't you just love beady giveaways? Me too! So, you need to head on over to Andrew Thornton's and jump in on his fantabulous giveaway! Seriously, he's got over $200 worth of beads in this goody bag!  Then you can come back here and drool over some bread. :)
This was a new recipe, Herbed Cheese Muffins. And, of course, I made it with freshly milled whole wheat. I used white wheat for this one. The herbs I chose are oregano and parsley. Together with the sharp cheese, they are definitely some delicious bites of bread!
 These poor little pics just don't do it justice.
 See that yummy cheese? Screamin' good!
 And I just had to make some banana bread for the sweet treat. Those I made with red wheat. It adds to the nutty goodness, dontcha know?
Now you probably need to go get a snack.


  1. Oh man, I'd give up $200 dollars worth of beads for a bite of those cheese muffins! They look delish. You and my brother would get along famously, he loves to make bread and mill his own flour and all the stuff.

    Thanks for the giveaway tip! You rock!

  2. Oh Now I am so hungry! Yummy!

  3. Oh, seriously - yum! I have to stop drooling on my computer - I'm going to ruin it!

  4. I agree, your muffins and banana bread look scrumptious! And I've never baked with red wheat before...another one that sounds like it comes from a specialty store. I need to break out of the white flour and whole wheat flour mold!


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