Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday-barely

Well, just barely made it! After a very productive day of running errands, and a phenomenal hamburger at one of my favorite joints, I'm finally able to sit down and post my pics. This was what I was working on for last month's Margie and Me Challenge. I adore the colors, and I know it will come together eventually, but I am frustrated.
Do you see the lovely matte silver grey 6's on the outside swirl of the cellini? Well, I also used them as the core bead for the triple spiral lying next to it.

 You can just see them peeking out at the bottom in this pic. Got them from A.C. Moore. When I started running low, I drove the 45 minutes out there, confident of getting more. Cause they always have more, right? Well, imagine my dismay when I couldn't find them. So, I quickly chose some things for the other painting for that month, and moved past the disappointment, figuring I'd pick some up later, when they restocked.
So I wouldn't have to travel 45 minutes for nothing again, I called to make sure they had them in stock. Gave her the name, and sku number. Asked the hubs to pick them up for me, since he was heading in that direction anyway. He does (cause he's nice like that) and I happily take the bag from him to finally finish the necklace. Wrong. They are SHINY metallic silver beads. WHAT?? Sure enough, the sku and name are the same as my lovely matte beads. So now I'm back to the dilemma of trying to finish this piece. 

This beautiful triple spiral (thanks Mandy) is so pretty and lush, you just wouldn't believe it. And I know the core beads don't show a lot, but I'm kinda ADD on stuff like that.  The color of the beads below didn't come thru correctly, cause they really do match very nicely to the colors in the piece. So, I could use them. But I really want to finish the spiral! (whine, whine).  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

So what's on your bead table? :)
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Wow, Shirley, it's a bummer when you are really in need of a certain item and it is unatainable and those are really pretty spirals too. I have a suggestion, take what you have done on the spiral rope and add the fancy beads and make a necklace. I have also seen someone that took a short section of a celini spiral like what you have and made a bracelet by felting a tube and running it through the celini spiral making it a focal. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be fantastic.

  2. No sugestion but wow they look fantastic! and so very neat! xxx

  3. Oh I hate when that happens. I am forever not having the correct number or color of beads I want because either I bought them clearance or I have forgotten and used them for a different project.

  4. Yes, I think making it a focal bead is an optimal solution! I'm pretty sure I have seen that somewhere before also. What brand are the beads? I don't know what AC Moore sells, I think we have one around here somewhere, I do get coupons, I could run down and check it out and mail them to you! I could do it today if you want! What about online? Does AC Moore sell online?


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