Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BTW and other goodies

I recently purchased Diane Fitzgeralds Shaped Beadwork. Oh, the projects! Packed full of cool stuff. I needed a quick birthday present, so I chose to make an open diamond. I think it turned out very pretty, and the recipient loved it!

 Love the fact that I opened this book, and landed on this page. The photo says, "Monarch's jewels on display" ! How funny is that?

As a hobby beader, I try to be careful about the amount of money I spend. I joined a bead swap recently, and really wanted to send some artisan beads.  I ordered these lovelies from Captured Moments.  They are truly beautiful!

And my final pic for you!  The kids and I went back to the blueberry farm we visited last year.   They are just the sweetest people, and these are the best berries I've ever had.

So if you have any blueberry recipes, share 'em! :)
Blessings, Shirley


  1. The whole post is just yummy from the great pair of ear rings to the blue berries yum yum!! The people involved in the bead swap are going to be some lucky folks to get those beads.

  2. I so know the budget concerns of a hobbiest. I love your swap stuff and can't wait to see more Shapework!

  3. I love that book - and you did a gorgeous job on the open diamonds!!!

  4. I love that book too! I made the the elongated ovals with the crystal in the middle earrings. They looked awesome! I also made the Celtic Knot and it ended up being really easy and looked awesome!!! I made it into a keychain and gave it to a friend.

  5. You have probably eaten all your blueberries but this pie is absolute;y delicious and pretty easy to make. I just buy a store bought chocolate crust. Here is a link:

  6. I think that books is one of the most universally useful ones I've ever gotten! Your open diamonds turned out PERFECT :-)


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