Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Channeling Mandy via Nancy, Sally, Kristen, and Heather!

What a title, huh? My buddy Mandy, over at Beads for Brains, is always making samples of new stitches. So my buds Kristen and Sally hooked me up with the incredible Nancy Dale, who posted instructions for her awesome ColorPlay necklace yesterday. Nancy gave a link to BeadMavens, where Heather Collins posted a video on how to do CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Weave). Now, I'm here to tell ya, I have tried Right Angle Weave in the past, and even though I did manage a single row of it, I was very much outside my comfort zone. My brain just doesn't want to understand those figure 8's and I was constantly messing up on which bead I was supposed to come out of next.
But when I saw Heather's video, something clicked, and I just had to jump in and give it a try.
This is a view of the top, with the 4 horizontal beads, and the 4 verticals below them.

In Heather's video, she used a separate color for each set of units. I decided to do the same while learning the stitch. I really like the color combos, however, the crystal thread showing, not so  much!

So Mandy, here's my sample stitch for the day!  I did learn something from a previous experience. I won a pattern from SandFibers last year, and since she had just finished her Blooming Beads pattern, that was what I requested. After struggling with it in the size 11 Delicas it called for, I finally wised up and used size 8's! Here's a pic of that gorgeous thing.
Now, this is one substantial bead in size 8's! But, that was just what I needed to be able to understand the pattern.

So, back to the CRAW, I decided size 8's were again the way to go. I don't know if it was that, or just Heather's excellent video, but that was such an easy stitch to understand. Nancy's Colorplay necklaces are so pretty, I'm just itching to work this stitch in 11's now.
I guess this was really my BTW, a day early!
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Isn't it exciting when something that's been a challenge finally clicks? You make me feel brave enough to tackle CRAW with this video, too. I'd say fingers crossed, but that would make a tricky stitch even trickier ;-)

  2. Well done on both accounts. I love the bead you made..I like them big!

  3. Yea Shirley, I am still not brave enough to try CRAW I still struggle with RAW. I like your big beaded bead and think several of those would make a great chunky necklace.

  4. The first time I tried cubic right angle weave I ended up with a HUGE tangle. I was surprised I didn't trap my own fingers in the mess, it was so bad!

    Smart thinking working with the size 8s! The thread always shows with RAW - best plan is to use something pretty and make it a design feature. :)

    Now right angle weave is one of my favorite stitches, right there behind the peyote stitch. The two compliment each other beautifully.

  5. Shirley, your new seed bead project is truly mind-boggling to me. I'm glad people like you can create such beautiful pieces for me to admire...even the lingo is foreign to me. :-) Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. Holy crow! You took Nancy's post and ran with it. I'm still trying to figure out what beads to use... Oy... I also love the bead you made from Carol Dean's pattern. What a good idea to up the size of the beads. I'll have to remember that. And thank you, I loved being in your blog!!

  7. Well you certainly went on quite a blog journey but the final destination was indeed paradise. I am now anxious to try that CRAW rope myself. And I love your idea of using larger beads to test out a pattern to get the hang of things. I can see how that would be very helpful in learning to do that complicated Blooming Beads pattern ... it looks incredible ... as Mandy would say "Blooming Bead Conquered ! " :)

    I won't even tell you how much my eyes boggled over the winners of BeadMavens Maven Meld contest. They were all so utterly fantastic and amazing I was literally "blown away" by them.

  8. Oh you did it! I have no clue where I came into this but you are so sweet to have included me. I knew you would be hooked once you saw the video. You do not give yourself enough credit! Awesome!

  9. Love the figure eights love the colors you picked too!


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