Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year and New Horizons!

We are fast approaching the new year, and, as always, I'm excited. It's like a fresh start, you know?  I will be teaching a class at our homeschool co-op this semester, and I'm very excited about it. I want to show the kids how to use mixed media to explore the art world.
Here are a couple of projects:
Cigar boxes to transform into memory boxes.

 My 11 and 9 yr old made these yesterday from scrapbook paper. you can make smaller ones to nest inside them, and finish off with a lid.

Gracie learned how to crochet a couple of years ago. I started making a baby blanket for a friend, which renewed her interest in it. This is to be a cap for herself. She is not using a pattern, so we'll have to see how that turns out! :)

I taught my 9 yr old how to crochet yesterday, and this is the result of his hard work. He really wanted to make an armband, but this was a bit too long for his little wrist. Do I really want a son who crochets a ton of stuff? No, but I do think that the fine motor skills he is developing from this are tremendous. And I really just want them to explore art in general, and not to be afraid of trying something, just because you don't know how to do it.  
I didn't get to try crafts until I got married. My in-laws owned a hobby shop, so my hubs knew all sorts of crafty stuff. It has been such a joyous journey for me, and something I have become rather passionate about for kids. Which is why I listen to my sons enthuse about Legos to the 12th power with a smile on my face. Because their minds are exploring the possibilities. Which is vitally important for their generation. I fully believe
 that their generation will create all the things my generation used to dream about.  
So, even though I don't know very much about mixed media, and using recycled materials, I am going to teach a class on it...because it's important.
I would be thrilled with any ideas you may have for our class!  
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Sounds like fun! I think it is great that you are teaching them crafts of all kinds. We always had art stuff for the kids. Good luck with your class! Happy New Year!

  2. How exciting, I'm so happy for you :-) The crochet beanie looks exactly like the ones I make myself: no pattern, no plan just crocheting in a circle and playing it by ear. I like to put pom poms on the side of the finished beanie.
    Happy 2012!

  3. OK, now *I* want to be a kid in your home school co-op. :)

    The only other suggestion I have for the memory boxes is that you can use old broken bits of jewelry, buttons, or even old cards/magazines/calenders to decorate them. If there's a creative reuse center in your area, you've got a great source of materials and advice!

  4. Yes crafts are a wonderful way of stretching children's imagination. I'm guessing you know the internet is a wondrous resource for mixed media and recycling ideas. Have a wonderful time teaching and the very best of wishes for a fantastic New Year.

  5. Hi Shirley! Happy new year! We love Legos too in our house - and Santa brought plenty! Your mixed media class sounds wonderful. I took a class at the beginning of the year with Brave Girls Club and learned a lot about multimedia art.....if you go to YouTube and search Brave Girls Club collage, tons of their instructional videos come up and many of them have to do with multimedia!

  6. A very wise person once said to me that if you want to really learn something, teach somebody else about it. I think that's profoundly true. You'll do great w/ mixed media. I am such a crafter and have been all my life (I made all my own clothes from the age of 10). Now at age 40, my daughter is sewing and loving every second of it and being very creative in her little girl clothes and doll clothes and tote bags. It makes me so happy to see that. I can't imagine a life without crafting!! So glad you're loving it, too.

  7. My son loves to craft too, so far he has tried knitting and tapestry, though his interest doesn't last long. Like you, I let him try whatever he wants to arts & crafts wise, just for the fun of it! The memory boxes look like great fun, I'm sure your class will love them.


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