Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Feature-The Word....

So, 2013.New Year 2013

What do you feel? Excited? Nervous? Exhausted? Hopeful?
Most people you talk to have an excitement about the New Year. Why? I think we all want to hope that there is a 'Do Over' button. That the things we failed at last year, we get a chance to 'do over' this year.
A Red Button With The Word...

Last year, quite a few people were talking about having a 'word' for the year, rather than a goal. I really liked that idea.
My word last year was 'intentional'. I wanted to take a bit more time to reflect before I jumped in with both feet. In a lot of situations, I succeeded. In some, I failed. In some, I didn't even try, to be quite honest.
So, I prayed about my word for the year, and this is what came from that....TRUST.
Trust Spiral Cubes Tower
Trust how? Well, the first for me is to place my Trust in my God. That He has the perfect plan for me. The second is to Trust in my mistakes.  Eerrkkk! What? Yes, you heard me right. To trust in my mistakes.
I'm going to make them. I know that. I also know that I've learned more in life from the things I've done wrong, than from my successes. And that my God always carries me through my brokenness.
I'm not nearly the jewelry designer I can be, and I'm not nearly as good as a lot of people. But I'm going to trust that I'm doing this for a reason, and that someone needs me to make something...whether it's a component that is the perfect touch to finish a design, or a finished piece that will have special meaning to the wearer and the giver.
I'm going to trust that the people I interact with are good people.
I'm going to trust that if I do something wrong, there will be someone who will show me with kindness where I went wrong, and how to fix it.
I'm going to trust that my focus stays on the important parts of my life, not the unimportant.
I'm going to trust that I'm where I'm at, and doing what I'm doing, because people need me to do it.
So, do you have a Word of the Year?

Blessings, Shirley


  1. Ok, I caught my breath. I read the title quickly and for a moment I thought your word was the F-word! My eyes tricking me. Happy 2013, and may all your trust be returned and bring all good things.

    Ps - dear google+ why was this post not delivered to my reader, why are you keeping my friends from me! Sob. (???)

  2. I love the word "trust". It will be good to see your blessings as you walk in that trust! God honors our faith in Him!

  3. Beautiful post, Shirley!I hope your New Year brings you all the inspiration and confidence and time that you need to work on what you want to do and be. Trust is a Great word. My wish for you is that "Trust" works for you everyday! God Bless!!!


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