Saturday, February 19, 2011

Margie & Me Reveal

Well, I'm a tad bit late. Friday's are always crazy around here, and even though I only had about an hour's worth of work to finish my piece, it just didn't happen last night. So, enough of the excuses.
I chose to work with the Madrid piece for this challenge.  If you haven't heard of the Margie and Me challenges, go check it out at LaBellaJoya's site. I've had so much fun working on these.
Here is the pic of the inspiration:
So, I had just received my copy of Karen William's "Free form Peyote", so I knew I wanted to try it.  Wasn't sure how that would work with this very stylized and structured image, but I was hoping for the best. And....I am very pleased with the result. Free form peyote is nothing like I imagined. You really have to concentrate (or at least, I did) on the color flow and movement. Karen's book was priceless in helping me understand this concept.  There is also so much movement in it, I had to take several pics from several angles to show it all.
When I started out, I thought I had a lot of yellow in my palette, but it doesn't look that way in this view.

Loved learning how to flow from color to color.

This view reminds me of a river.

This one looks more like a patchwork. The difference between some of the yellows was very subtle. There are 3 different colors just in the toggle.

I love all the different textures from the bead types.

This was definitely an awesome experience, both with the challenge, and with learning a little about freeform peyote.
Blessings! Shirley


  1. I love the title of your blog. Beads and Bread...two of my favorite things! Your Margie & me is really nice!

  2. Wow beautiful and intricate creations! Very pretty!

    Penny of Earthly Jewels

  3. Great job! I love assymetric jewelry and freeform peyote is right up that lane! Those are yummy colors!

  4. Congratulations on working with freeform. I just can't do it! I'm too tightly wound to let things come out any which way they will!

  5. Wow!

    I love your design - and all your different pictures so I could get a really good look at it. Looks like you really had fun with freeform beading. I am so tickled that my book helped! :)

  6. Ohh I love your bracelet. You know I tried freeform after buying Beverley Ash Gilbert's book but soon realised it's not as easy as it looks. You did an awesome job and the colours match the colour palette perfectly! Well done!


  7. I love you bracelet! And the colors you chose really reflected the picture. Congratulations. Oh and I'm glad I found your blog! I want to learn how to make bread!


  8. Beautiful bracelet...thank you for visiting and commenting on my soup necklace, sooo sweet of you.

    Does your next post say Bread?? Yummy, my favorite food.


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