Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet Hearts

Yes, I am feeling the need to talk about Valentine's Day. It means a lot of things to each of us, at different times in our life. When you're a kid, it means candy and giving goofy cards. When you are a young adult, it can mean a romantic date, a hot night on the town, or giggling with your peeps at a sleepover.
When you are newly married, it is a mandatory vase of roses and chocolates, and dinner and movie out on the town.  We have been married for almost 22 years, and I'm sure my husband is grateful that Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for me. After the few requisite years of flowers, I opted to save the money spent, and do something fun. Now, I bask in the quiet moments we share, sometimes each day, sometimes each week, just talking and sharing our daily lives with each other. That is my true Valentine's gift at this stage in life.
Now, enough sappiness.  Have you seen some of the cutie pie stuff on Etsy for Valentine gifts? Well, as I was blog hopping for Bead Soup participants, I discovered Lisa Boucher's blog Clay Happenings. Hop on over there and check her out. She makes some great pendants. Totally fell in love with a little red heart pendant necklace on her site.
So, I have to leave you with a little HISTORY lesson before I go. Do you know the history of St. Valentine's Day? We use "Mystery of History" in our homeschool curriculum, and got to read the story a few months ago.  There were actually TWO men named Valentine who lived in Rome in the 3rd century that were martyred for their faith on February 14th. Now, the Romans had a holiday they celebrated on February 15th called Lupercalia. This was a festival time to honor Juno, the goddess of women and marriage, and Pan, god of nature. During the festival, young couples would draw a name out of a box, and pair up with that person for the festival, and exchange gifts. Some of these led to courtship and marriage.  Yes, it was hard for Christians living in Rome to deal with the pagan festivals. So, in 495, Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14th as St. Valentines Day to try to replace the pagan festival. Did it work? I'm sure Christians did spend time praying for the persecuted on Feb. 14th at first, but gradually things blurred together. Is it wrong to spend a special day once a year thinking about love? Of course not. Just sad that St. Valentine isn't better remembered for the sacrifices and hardship endured by many Christians.
As you smell the lovely roses, and enjoy the intimate dinner for two, remember the greatest LOVE gift of all: Christ's love for us.


  1. I'm not one to make a fuss over Valentine's Day for myself, but I do love to mail pretty cards!

  2. Great post! My husband and I are (thankfully) at the same stage.


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