Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday

I know, for most of the United States, today is SuperBOWL Sunday. But for me, it is also a Super SUNDAY. Our pastor's message today was awesome. He gave us this analogy to ponder: Our journey with God means HIM being in control, not us. HE is the driver. We are not the passenger in the front seat. Nor in the back seat. God asks us to ride in the trunk. So, imagine the trunk. First: dark. You can't see where you're going. You have to trust God. Second: you can feel every bump in the road, and it feels like you are speeding along, out of control. You have to trust God. Third: You are getting beat up by all the things rattling around you, smelling the awful stink of the spare tire. You have to trust God.
Wasn't that great?!!! I love visual pictures, and this one really hit me hard. The analogy was a good one, because my husband always tells people that I have my foot on the gas, and he takes care of the steering. :) We will celebrate 22 years of marriage this April, and I was just thinking how cool that we are at this wonderful stage in our marriage. It is the place where you know the other person's heart, and you know their love for you. So you can sit back and snort laugh when they make fun of your personality quirks, and relish the fact that they know you so well.  Our kids were laughing uncontrollably at us, and I just pray for them to have this moment in their life as well.
Now everyone is home, hanging out, lazing out. We may watch some of the SuperBowl, we may not. I am most certainly going to go get some beading time in, cause I have my bead soup, and Margie and Me challenge deadlines coming up quickly. I also have a piece I'm working on for my bead shop. Oh yeah, I can hear them calling my name.....
Have a blessed Super Sunday!


  1. Yay for bead soup! And I never watch the Super Bowl, either.

  2. What a cool message. We had youth Sunday where the kids take over the service. We do that the first of every month. Erica did the sermon (a teen) and she talked about giving God our baggage that we are carrying around so we can help others with their problems and needs. I am proud of the teens at our church! Including my own and my son's girlfriend Ashley!!!


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