Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excitement is in the air

Wow, where to start? Haven't been on blogger lately, cause I've been busy cutting and pasting and glueing....crafts. Our church is having it's first VBS, and crazy me said, "Oh, I'll do the crafts, I love crafts!" Not really understanding that meant I was in charge of crafts! So, no beading for me lately. I did finish a piece for a bracelet swap over at Tackle that Bead Stash; and it has been mailed and received. Can't wait for the reveal day for that swap. Stay tuned, it's Aug. 8th. 
I have a couple of other challenges I've entered, but they will have to wait til after VBS. I'm very excited for our kids. The theme is the Armor of God. It's very easy to teach Bible verses when you have cool armor to reinforce the idea!
And next week is the beginning of Bead Soup Blog Party!!!!  That was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again. If you've not heard of it, head on over to Lori Anderson's blog, Pretty Things. You still have time to get in on the fun.
I know some people are feeling sad, thinking summer is half over. It has really been a whirlwind for me, and fall promises to be the same.  I have switched curriculum in a couple of different subjects, so I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited to get started. We will be studying US History this year, so I'm going to work on some unit studies as well. I know a lot of you live near historic sites, so please feel free to send me any links or info on interesting places or things.
Ok, gotta get back to cutting and pasting. Have an awesome day!!!
Oops, couldn't let you leave without a few pics, right?
Wavy Triangle

 Does this remind you of the Sorting Hat?

 Kid....or Alien?

 Homeschool discipline methods! LOL!

 Really cool mimosa flower

 I love how the different backgrounds emphasize the color.

 She got this spiral to stack 45 tiles high. These are called Kapla blocks, if you're not familiar with them. Much harder than Legos, cause there's nothing to attach to, just a 1 inch strip of wood to lay the next strip of wood on. This is great for development of engineering skills.

 Classic block style, Daniel got his about 8 feet tall!

 The cute dog posing in her new haircut...nekkid! (Translates to "naked and up to something") In her case, just being cute!


  1. This is such a fun post, love the cute and slightly whacky photos ! :D Yes life can get hetic and even crazy at times but that means it is never dull. Enjoy !

  2. Good luck with VBS! Love your pics and your wavy triangle! I just did one this week too!

  3. I love reading how much you do! It does make me feel like a slug but I tend to live vicariously these days. I love the sorting hat, too, but I already said that. And the pooch is adorable!

  4. Wow Shirley you have a lot going on! Since I live near alot of historic places like, DC, Baltimore, Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, what kind of info are you looking for? Off the beaten path kind of stuff?

  5. Sounds like you're having a fun, albeit busy, summer. It's fun to see the photos of your family - always so much going on.

    Love the 'sorting hat' - too fun.


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