Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Ok, today is UFO day, definitely. You know, those (stage whisper) unfinished objects??? Well, mine have been piling up, and since I'm devoted to staying home today, (me and the youngest got serious sunburn yesterday), I figured it would be a great opportunity to clear some stuff off the table that has been pushed to the side long enough.

The necklace and button pendant were for the last Margie and Me challenge. Since I missed the deadline, it just hasn't made it to completed stage.  The pink and white is another double daisy chain like the one from last week.

 These two pretties are projects for my LBS. The bracelet is from Beaded Allure. Lovely romantic projects. (Lots of use of 15's, which are not my favorite size bead).  What I like about making things for the bead store (besides the discount!) is that they choose things I wouldn't normally make, and in colors I don't usually pick.  The russian leaf is destined to be an earring.

Tiny size15 picots, swaroski bicones, and pink faceted crystals

Close up of the Russian leaf- gold delicas accented with red 15's
 One of my first spiral ropes. I have since learned why it came so loose. Apparently when you're left-handed, it can make a difference in beading!

This was a simple on-the-road project. You know, those things to occupy your time, but they don't need a whole lot of thought process? These are big, honking size E beads, with a tiny little size 11 pink rocaille in between the cream beads. I ran out of the creams, so I probably won't finish this one today.
So, what's on your bead table today?
Blessings, Shirley


  1. Awesome and you so inspired me! I am working on a daisy chain and I even bezeled using it!

  2. Wow you have been busy!! I'm loving that necklace that looks red, white and blue! I'm looking for a travel project for Sept, how did you keep your beads from flying all over??? lol

  3. Wow lots of projects! I agree with you on using 15's my eyes are not as good as they used to be, I really need to go get them checked, so I'm always hopping that the beads are getting in the right position when beading with them. I like the double daisy spiral.

  4. Love, love, love that Russian leaf design!

  5. How cool that you do beading for the LBS. All those WIP (I prefer works in progress b/c once I call it a UFO it's dead!) are amazing. You're really very talented and versatile!

  6. Shirley, you are amazing! How in the world do you tackle such intricate projects?? I love that Russian leaf pendant - it is all truly amazing.
    I hope your sunburn is healing, btw!

  7. Pretty pretty pretty!! It's so inspiring to finish up a whole bunch of projects...almost as inspiring as starting up the next batch lol!!

  8. They are all really lovely projects so glad that you were blessed with the spare time to finish them. The Russian leaf is gorgeous, so rich looking and earrings made with them will be stunning.
    I never realized that the direction of the thread on the spiral rope necklace (from doing it right handed to doing it left handed) would make the woven spiral loose, that's interesting to know.


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