Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Coming........


Can't begin to tell you  how excited I am!!!  I'm not such a competitive person, but it really reaches a fever pitch when you are working thru all the participants to get to the last one. The easiest thing for me last spring was to copy and paste the list of participants in a Pages (word) sheet. Then I just kept it open, and as I got a chance to go to my computer thruout the day, I could just pull up the page and go to the next link on the list.  It was like gambling or something, I just couldn't stop!!  I have met some of the most wonderful bloggers, designers, artists, whatever you call them, thru this challenge.  I was well pleased with my completed piece, and I truly look forward to doing this challenge again.  Won't you join me? Head on over to Lori's site on Aug 1st, and sign up.   There are all kinds of designers, new and old, lampworkers, metalsmiths, us lovely beadweavers, mixed media artists, you name it!
Hope to see ya there!


  1. Hey Shirley I agree with you! I am excited about it too. It has been fun to chat with and see what everyone is up to via blog land. I have enjoyed our friendship and hope we get to meet someday!

  2. I'm really wanting to sign up this time, but summer is so busy for me, I'm not sure I would have the time. But I was so intrigued by all the talent and wonderful pieces, I'm really contemplating it.

  3. Yeah! Just around the corner! Gotta start compiling the bead soup!

  4. Well, The blog soup blog party is how I found you! I don't normally comment, but I read you on my reader!

    I can't wait to sign up and begin!!

  5. I'm excite also, this will be my first Bead Soup Blog Party and it was one of the reasons I started a blog.

  6. I cant wait too! It took 4 days to comment on every Blog last yr. This yr there are more people. I will try!


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