Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winner, winner chicken dinner

Ok, I'm so super excited about this bracelet! I was the lucky winner from Penny Neville over at Copper Penny Designs for her 100 blog post. This is one of the prettiest bracelets I've ever seen. I just wish the pics could show off the sparkle properly.
The Viking knit is stunning. (Like I really needed something else to explore!)  But I have a feeling it takes a while to get this kind of result. :)

 Don't know what the red stone is, but this is so perfect, just a little bling.

I love notes like this. Thanks so much Penny!
Have a blessed day! Shirley


  1. Congratulations, it's very pretty. I cannot imagine making something like that! wow

  2. Congratulations Shirley, it is a very pretty bracelet.

  3. Congratulations!. What a nice giveaway.

  4. Aw, you are so sweet, thank you for the beautiful post.

  5. Oops, I forget to mention the stone is ruby impression jasper, from Lima beads.

  6. Boy, is this ever beautiful! I had no idea viking knit was so pretty. Nice work, Penny, and lucky you, Shirley!

  7. Shirley, thanks for stopping by and for your heart felt words, they are very appreciated!!

    I promise, this is a very easy technique to learn and you can get these results your first time!! Give it a try....


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