Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Feature-Keepin' It Real

attentive dog clip art
Ok, did ya'll notice that I missed last Friday? Whew, good! I was hoping with the holiday rush, you'd let me slide.

So what am I blathering about, Keeping It Real? Well, let me tell ya. If you've spent any time hangin' out here, you know I'm  a pretty blunt person. No hidden agendas, what you see is what you get, sometimes more than you ever wanted. Just sayin'.
I was scrolling through some of my bloggy friends, and saw the awesome Dawn Doucette's post for today. After I read it and cried, I noticed a blog on her list that looked interesting. So I jumped over there. (Ya'll do that too, right?) Now, the actual post that caught my eye was for Spinach Bread. YUM!!! Well, the title of my blog is Beads and BREAD!!!
But that's not what pulled me up short. It was her next post down. Where she talked about making some lifestyle changes. And this is something that's been on my heart for  a while. Now, whenever I talk about this, my hubs immediately starts with the, "You need to cut out this, and don't do that, and start exercising, cause you sit too much...." Please tell me you know what I'm talking about, that I'm not the only one with a sweet, loving hubs that totally doesn't get how to motivate me??!!
And yes, I do know that talking about something like this is like Taboo at the holidays. But, see, I'm not talking about going on a diet. Cause we all know how that turns out, right?  I'm talking about doing some stuff that will work for me. Like drink an extra couple of glass of water every day. Go with my kids to walk the dog, instead of sitting here on FB....
Now, I don't mean that I need to look like this....
 I just need to be a better me....

If you'd like to join me, encourage me ,pray for me, or just lurk while I head out on this journey, please do. I know I'll need all the encouragement I can get.
Now, there are several blog hops today,including the AJE Components, and Erin's Color challenge, so go check out some lovely jewelry! Blessings, Shirley


  1. Yep I am right there with you! Let's be better us's and still have fun along the way!!!

  2. Shirley - one step at a time! I have been going through so many ups and downs with my body over the last 4 years - I use that as a reference point, because I've gained 20lbs over the last 4 years. 5lbs in one year doesn't really seem like so much - until it's 5lbs every year! Yikes! Where will I be in 10 years!?! Anyway - I applaud you for mentioning it on your blog, because it will be helpful to keep you motivated - I know I will be cheering you on!!! Good luck to you!


I'm thrilled you stopped by! Thanks for your words of wisdom.