Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Time to Stitch

Sorry everyone, blogger refused to post, even though I had this scheduled. :(

Hi all! It's a Time to Stitch!!! The two lovely originators of this idea are Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller. I participated in their first Hop, you can see the results of that challenge here. That challenge the stitches were peyote and herringbone. This time we got to explore right angle weave, and St. Petersburg.
Both of these are lovely stitches, and RAW lends itself wonderfully to embellishment.  I was fortunate enough to win Stitch Workshop-Right Angle Weave last year, and it has many wonderful projects in it. There was one in there that captured my attention every time I opened the book. It's not a complicated design, and works up very quickly.
 A friend asked me to make bracelets for her daughters, so I thought this pattern worked perfectly.

I love the 'button' closure on these.

These colors are a bit unexpected together, but I love the way they work. Amber, lavender, pink and gold.

I have to say, the fun colors in this one really grab me. I think they show off the pattern perfectly.

Come back on Saturday to see a really cool variation of RAW----CRAW!!

The next stitch was St. Petersburg. I love this stitch, but it does frustrate me a bit, since it's very hard for me to maintain tight tension in it. If you use 11's and 15's, it  gives a very soft, feminine look.  I chose to use size 8's for the bracelet, because I fell in love with the beads when I received them from Red Panda Beads. I had some silver lined garnet beads that went perfectly with the matte AB beads from Red Panda.
Isn't it beautiful?  Not tooting my own horn at all, this is such a pretty stitch. I used a coordinating frosted pink AB size 6 along the top of the band to give it a bit more presence, and to tighten it up some.

This is a double St. Petersburg, and I stitched the first side with the silverlined garnet as the main bead, and the matte as the accent bead. Then I switched for the other side, using the matte beads as the main, and the sl garnet as the accent. I love how it turned out. The only thing I would caution is that it will shrink just a bit if you add the top beads. 
Ok, that's enough of my eye candy, go check out the other participants! 
Huge thank you's to Therese and Christine!!!!
Blessings, Shirley
Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller Our wonderful Hostesses!!

Nikki Byers

Kristen Stevens

Shirley Moore You are here!


  1. Ohhhh I love the RAW bracelets. I need to find that pattern. And anytime you want to send me the garnet bracelet you just let me know. I would be happy to send you my address! Ha :) Lovely work!

  2. Ok your double St Petersburg is to die for...Love It!! Beautiful work!!

  3. Great bracelets. I really like how you changed up the sides on the St. Petersburg one! Beautiful!

  4. I love all of these. The RAW bracelets look like little snakes .. they almost take on a life of their own. The St. Petersberg one is awesome as well. I love the spine down the center. Beautiful work!

  5. Shirley~ your RAW waves are so pretty! I love the dainty look of them and it doesn't scare me. LOL You are right about the amber, lav, gold, pink-unexpectedly lovely color combination. I LOVE how you switched up the sides of the double St. Petersburg chain~it looks fantastic! St. Petersburg seems to bring out the best in the seed beads. Thank you so much for hopping! Should we do another?

  6. Hi Shirley,
    Thank you for joining mine and Christine's challenge.
    I remember doing this RAW bracelet a long time ago this is the one that I learned the stitch on and it crashed up against the wall several times before I finally got it right. Yours are so pretty I love the color choice you made with these my favorite is the one with the bright blue, pink, and orange beads. I love your St. Petersburg bracelet. I like how you changed the sides beautiful work. I hope that you will join in on the next ATTS challenge.

  7. I just love looking at your work Shirley as your color choices make me happy. I adore that first bracelet and would love to know where to get the pattern. It looks like one I would make over and over again. I do love the St Pete bracelet too as the colors are so mysterious. Very nice work!

  8. The beaded closure on the soft, colorful RAW bracelets is very cool. And I just love how you changed up your St. Petersburg bracelet - those details make it a very unique piece, and embellishing the spine with larger beads gives it a great feel on your wrist, I'm sure.

  9. Your bracelets are beautiful. The colors in all of them are fantastic.

  10. You've got a real knack for color! Love all the bracelets - as I mentioned to Christine - I've got to try that St. Petersburg stitch! Just lovely.

  11. These are all fantastic pieces Shirley! I love the wavy feel of that raw bracelet!!!

  12. Shirley I like the two ruffly bracelets. Super fun!

  13. Lovely work. I think I have to say that my favorite was the frilly orange, blue and violet bracelet started from RAW (?). Really very nice ;)

  14. Yeah Shirley, we're in another hop together! :)

    Your RAW bracelets are so fun and sassy - looks like they're a fun way to play with different color schemes. I particularly love the purple/orange/blue one.

    And I love the close-ups of your St. Petersburg stitch. Reminds me of fish scales. (Which is a good thing, I promise).

  15. Awesome Shirley! They look like little snakies! How's the bread coming these days??

  16. Beautiful bracelets, Shirley! Awesome job. I love the colors you used. :)

  17. Your pieces are all so charming and fun to wear, I am sure. The colour schemes are just fabulous - love how you played the colours on all your pieces!

  18. Oh these are all so lovely! I really love how you used accent beads on your RAW bracelet - so nice! And totally agree with Karen - you have that 'fish scale' look down... which is a good thing!

  19. I love the bracelets you made Shirley!!! Love the pops of color in the RAW bracelets and the smoothness of the beads in the St. Petersburg bracelet. Beautiful!!!

  20. The bracelets are very cute, the colours give a splash of joy!

  21. Great bracelets. I love the edges and ripples of your RAW bracelets. Your St. Petersburg bracelet is very lovely.


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